Don’t mess with my hair!

I looked through my posts over the years and found that I have written at least 2 posts about hair. That just shows how much it irks to me.

In August 2007, I wrote about bad hair in Bad Hair Day. In April 2011, I wrote about wavy hair in It’s Spring…ing wavy hair. And I am about to embark on another post..because, well… because of this:

This is No Min Woo in ‘Full House 2- Take Two’. The very, very cool gumiho slayer in ‘My Girlfriend is a Gumiho’ and the playboy in ‘Midas’. When the official photos first surfaced, I was cringing and tearing whatever is left of my hair out. Now, I know I’m not the only one complaining about this. In all the forums I’ve visited, pretty much everyone was complaining about the hair and make-up. But as if one bad hair wasn’t enough, the hair department, who normally dishes out slick, cool, hairstyle, decided that the lead actress, Hwang Jung Eum would look really cute with a whole head of wavy ring hair. Or is this a new way of coupling (no need to wear couple rings or t-shirts).


‘Full House 2- Take Two’ has finally started airing in Korea on the 22nd October 2012, after wrapped-up for awhile. I guess it’s not a show of confidence when it’s aired on SBS Plus (a cable staion) at 12.30pm- 30 minutes everyday from Monday-Thursday with reruns on Friday. PrimeTV  time is at night Monday- Thursday. Afternoon shows are mainly re-runs or shows aimed at housewives (ie, family orientated). On a plus side, it’s airing at the same time in Japan (although I’m not sure if it’s also showing in the afternoon over there).

Many people have fond memories of ‘Full House’ (starring Rain and Song Hye Kyo). Their chemistry in the show was indeed amazing and the show was a great light-hearted romcom. Will ‘Full House 2’ be able to succeed in wooing the viewers and fans over. I’m not sure but giving the stars a great hairstyle would be a good start.

But.. they did shower us with some eye candy. Wahahaha!

Oh… just a small irony, Hwan Jung Eum plays Jang Man Ok, a hair stylist to the idol star, Lee Tae Ik (No Min Woo) in the drama.

There must be a handbook amongst the K stylists that dictates the style for different characters. For example, if it is a singer/ band, then the actor must have long, wavy hair. This is Jang Keun Suk in ‘Mary, Marry Me’ or ‘Marry Me, Mary’ or ‘Mary Stayed out all Night’ (Korean exact title).

And this is also another case where they made the female lead joined the bad hair department as well. Now why do I keep thinking of Mary had a little lamb…

The only saving grace was Kim Jae Wook (see my post about him here).

Jang Keun Suk is extremely popular in Japan currently and is yes, still spotting his long wavy hair. Or maybe it’s the hair that’s pulling in the Japanese fans. Afterall, they do love the manga type…

Whilst I was in Korea recently, I caught a re-run of the show, ‘Color of Women’. It was the comeback drama for Jae Hee after his military service. He looked ok in the drama but the lead actress, Yoon So Yi…


She portrayed a strong woman who went through much difficulties to realise her dream. AND… she is supposed to be a stylist working in a cosmetic firm!!!!

OK, I can’t really comment on the drama as I only watched 2 epidoes- ep14 & ep15 but the comments left on the forum about the ending has made me hestiate to start on it. On a plus side, I re-discovered Shim Ji Ho. ^^ hope he gets a meatier (no pun intended) role in his next drama for me to watch.

On a side note, it was just revealed that Jae Hee is already married and has a kid. Wow!

I waited more than 2 years to see him back on TV again and what do I get? A mop of floppy hair… Joo Ji Hoon in ‘ Five Fingers’.

Alright, he is supposed to be a brilliant pianist. At least in this photo, he looks like a conductor (or a mad scientist). But in this, he just looks…geeky..

I’m not sure about the storyline. I’m still trying to decide if it’s a good enough drama but Ju Ji Hoon’s acting is still good. I think he was at his best in ‘The Devil’.

‘5 Fingers’ have also gained much attention because Ham Eun Jung of  T-Ara was removed from the drama due to the bully issue. Jin Se Yun replaced her as Da Mi.

I didn’t like Lee Min Ho in ‘Boys Over Flowers’ back then because of ..what else? THE Hair!

I know, I know. The hair was exactly how it was in the comic books. But hor…curly hair for boys look adorable and cute in comic books but not when it’s translated into a real life person.

Lee Min Ho impressed me in ‘City Hunter’, where not only did he looked good but he acted well as well. Now currently in the drama. ‘Faith’, his acting as continued to improve and chemistry between him and Kim Hee Sun is great. But I if I have a chance to meet him, I would like to ask if he can see anything under those fringe to be a super duper wooldachi leader and kill with a lightening speed. His hair has gone from wavy in the beginning (when he was not in love)

to straight hair but still with the very irritating long fringe, when he’s in love

back to slightly wavy now when he’s undergoing difficult times (it’s ending next week)

Whilst the storyline isn’t great (well, it was great in the beginning), the chemistry and acting from the cats has been fantastic! Shall do a review once it’s over.

Now, after all these ranting, I must say the hair services in Korea is really affordable and good. I went for a hair cut on my last day in Korea at a little corner shop in Myeongdong- only KRW16,000! You get a wash and blow dry too. Next time I’m back, I want to have my hair colored. They can mess with my hair all they like. Wahaha!

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