Bad Hair Day

The other night, whilst having Korean dinner with a group of very nice chingus, our topic of K dramas and actors somehow turned to reasons why we don’t watch certain dramas, even though the reviews may have been good.

Of course some of the more common reasons would be a)we can’t stand the actor/ actress, b)we don’t like the storyline, c)we hate the ending etc.

For me, one of the reason why a drama may put me off would be bad hair. I kid you not.

Jo Hyun Jae in ‘Only You’ is a very strong case in point. I’ve heard the drama isn’t too bad and I do like Jo Hyun Jae.. but.. but…aigoo.. the hair…the hair. It’s no wonder that the disc is still languishing in my cupboard somewhere.

Jo Hyun Jae- ‘Only You’
Most guys do not look good with wavy hair, worse still if they’re permed way too wavy. I call them the ajuma hairstyle.

These actors have hairstylist to pamper them and create that look that will make women like us go weak-in-the-knees and oooh-in-the-mouth. But when I look at them in these dramas, I get a-pain-in-the-head and urgh-in-the-mouth instead.

Lee Wan- ‘Let’s Go to the Beach’
OK, maybe Lee Wan’s hairstyle isn’t that bad but when he stands next to the sharp-looking Jun Jin…there just isn’t any fight. And all I want to do is to grab a pair of scissors and trim off the wavy bits.

Cha Tae Hyun- ‘I Came in Search of Flower’
I’m not sure, maybe Cha Tae Hyun’s character in this drama requires him to look a little nerdy but does it have to be that nerdy? It makes his already roundish face even rounder. Sigh.. Now don’t get me wrong. I’ve glanced through a couple of episodes and it’s actually rather interesting. (Shirley from soompi will tell you that it’s a great drama). And it’s definitely not a reflection on his acting. But it’s kind of difficult to start a drama when the actor doesn’t get you hiperventilating. (hey! I’m shallow…I admit).

Lee Jun Jin- ‘9 End 2 Outs’
This is a wavy-spiky combination hairstyle and I’m afraid the 2-in-1 formula just doesn’t work. Really. The drama though, I’ve heard, is rather funny…but err…neither the actor nor the actress are inspiring to me and his hairstyle has pushed the ‘must watch’ factor further down the list…so it will have to wait.

Jae Hee- ‘Witch Yoo Hee’
I fell in love with him watching ‘3-Iron’ and I fell out of love watching ‘Witch Yoo Hee’… What on earth was the hairstylist thinking of?

Ji Hyun Woo- ‘Merry Daegu Attack Defence Battle’
Now I know this drama was supposed to be silly (actually the storyline was silly…and I don’t mean in a ha-ha kind of silly) and his character nutty..but why, oh why…this ‘bombed’ hair style?

So Ji Sub- ‘I’m Sorry I Love You’
Now before all the So Ji Sub fans kill me…I will say that he’s a good actor and he looks really good in the later part of the drama. It’s just the beginning part when he was in Australia with the Afro hairstyle that was just so-not-becoming. But I guess the hairstyle does suit the character so I can’t really complain. Actually..I can…and I just did…hehehe!

What’s just as bad as wavy, permed ajuma hairstyle? Slicked, combed-back, gelled hair. Everytime I see such a hairstyle, I think of slimy salesmen.

Jang Dong Gun- ‘All About Eve’

Lee Byung Hun- ‘Beautiful Days’
2 of my favourite classic dramas and as I’ve mentioned on my earlier post, Lee Byung Hun was to die for with his unbuttoned shirt, tinted hair and that air of arrogance. But his hair went downhill (or should it be uphill?) after he got married to Choi Ji Woo in the drama (was the PD trying to tell us something?)

And Jang Dong Gun was ultra cute in the first few episodes before he became the boss of the TV station and started looking ajusshi. Btw, when I was glancing through the drama earlier…gosh…Chae Rim and Kim Jun Eun could not have looked more different from their recent appearances in ‘Dalja’s Spring‘ and ‘Lovers’.

Lee Jun Ki- ‘Time of Dog & Wolf’
Wendy said that “at least Jun Ki wears ear-rings” when I complained about the slicked, gelled, combed back hairstyle. I must admit, it made him look less like a salesman but I still hate it. Luckily I was only tortured with this look for about 3 episodes before the hairstylist realises her error. And oh..if you have yet to start watching his drama, you really should start.

Thankfully, Bae Yong Joon’s hairstyle has never caused me to have heart attack so far….except one time.

Bae Yong Joon- April Snow Korea premiere

And please, before you people start pelting me with bad eggs and tomatoes for talking bad about your favourite actor, let me just say once again that there is nothing wrong with their acting and more often than not, they look absolutely droolicious.

I guess occasionlly, even actors have bad hair days like us. hehe!

A little bit about Jang Hyuk dancing in Singapore
There hasn’t been much news about him. I heard it was mainly indoor filming these 2 weeks, though someone did managed to catch him filming at Mount Faber.

On Sunday, I got a call from my chingu about their filming site and I was curious enough to go down and kaypoh abit. Even though I know there wouldn’t be much chance to see him as it was indoor filiming. Btw, this friend managed to see him arrived by car before disappearing. And this same friend also managed to see him in the gym the other day. But that’s another story in my next post. ^^

Where were they filming? hehe! Inside one of Singapore’s historical building- the Old Supreme Court.


What was Jang Hyuk doing inside? hehe! Dancing away…

This week there should be more outdoor filiming…so everyone, do keep your eyes open. ^^

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