The Classic- All About Eve

Whilst writing about Autumn on this blog recently, I looked through my pile of cds and found some ‘treasures’. These are know, those “Best of Korean dramas” etc. One of them had songs from All About Eve.

I remember when I was just stating out on my Korean journey, I asked around about the ‘must-watched dramas’. Often, these 3 titles would come up:
“Winter Sonata”
“Beautiful Days”
“All About Eve”

Depending on whose fan you are, the order would be different but I do think they have sort of become classics- each of these drama has become synonymous with the its main actor…Bae Yong Joon, Lee Byun Hun and Jang Dong Gun respectively.

All About Eve

“All About Eve” aired in 2000 on MBC, starring Jang Dong Gun, Chae Rim, Han Jae Suk, and Kim So Yeon.

From what I remembered reading, Jang Dong Gun was actually reluctant to be involved in this drama initially. He wanted to concentrate on movies as his last 2 dramas, “Ghost” and “Youth” didn’t do well.

But this drama become one of the highest ratings in 2000 and made stars out of new comers like Kim So Yeon and Chae Rim. It also made Jang Dong Gun very popular in Korea and beyond. I guess because his character, Hyong Chul was such a gentleman and perfect lover. So much so, that he reportedly said such characters do not exit. Hehe! No matter, the women loved it. “All About Eve’ was also his last drama (but there’s been rumours going around that he may do a drama. That would be nice!)

I think one of the reason for the drama’s popularity was also because it portrayed women as working professionals instead of the usual damsels in distress. The focus was on the women. Evem though there were some unbelievable scenes (this is Korean drama, remember?), there were still interesting insights into the workings of a TV station and the people in this industry.

Interestingly, Kim So Yeon, as the “evil woman”, Young Mi, outshone Chae Rim. She was ‘bad’ but yet managed to bring out that vunerability and in fact, you even sympathise with her for the hardship she has been through.

I could not bring myself to hate her and yet, she was good at being bad. Chae Rim as Sun Mi on the other hand, was supposed to be innocent and kind. However, there were many times I actually wanted to shake her for being so wishy-washy.

Han Jae Suk….unfortunately, has never been on my list……Don’t know why.. and in this drama… I wanted more than ever to stranggle him. Sorry…

And then there’s Jang Dong Gun…

Well, that was the first time I saw him and I was captivated by him, espeically in the beginning when he was a student. He had such a charming, little-boy-next-door-look. But hor… I really couldn’t stand his hair style when he became the Director of the TV station. So ajutshi.. 아저씨…

I guess one of the most memorable scene for everyone was when he knelt down to put on that anklet for Sun Mi…Now, that’s a scene that will melt every girl’s heart.

And I still love the songs in the drama.

True Love
U Can’t Say

Jang Dong Gun is a great actor and from what I read, a very nice guy. He is also good looking, despite or because of his ‘goldfish eyes’, depending on how you look at it. ^^
I especially like his looks in the movie, “Lost Memories 2009”

But the one drama that really stayed in my mind was a little known drama called “Love”. This aired in 1998 and was a 16 episodes drama. At that time the content topic was considered quite radical as it was a love story between an older woman/younger man. Of course, that’s all the rage now but then it didn’t do well and the viewers complained. So they killed off the older woman (Kim Mi Sook) after 10 episodes. From episode 11 onwards, Choi Ji Woo and Song Yun Ah came onto the scene.

One of the most memorable scene for me was JDG singing and playing on the piano. I hunted everywhere and asked people at the forums about the song. I was absolutely thrilled when I found JDG’s album with this song in it.

Here’s the mv for the drama, “Love”- I Only Love You mv. I love the voice!

His last movie was “Typhoon”, which I have yet to watch. I did watch “The Promise” which didn’t hold much of a promise, I’m afraid.

Chae Rim has since concentrated on the China market and has acted in a couple of dramas with Alec Su, including the period drama, “The Yang Warriors”. She also appeared in the drama, “Oh Pilseung Bong Sun-Young” with An Jae Wook In 2004 (which I heard was quite funny).

Han Jae Suk was in trouble for escaping miltary service and was enlisted in 2004. I think the last drama he did was a Taiwanese drama, “Amor De Tarapaca”. I wonder if he’s been released from the army yet. He should be, as Song Seung Heon has been released.

Kim So Yeong strangely…has not really appeared in any major works except for the movie, “7 Swords” last year. I didn’t realised it till I made a check but she was in the recent drama, “Fireworks” (which bombed). However, she wasn’t the main lead. Wonder if SG fans know but she was in Singapore years ago, unfortunately the Korean wave wasn’t as strong then and I’m afraid she didn’t caused much of a ripple.

But the most surprising of all..for me anyway… was Kim Jung Eun. She was Sun Mi (Chae Rim) and Yong Mi (Kim So Yeon)’s senior and loved Hyong Chul. 4 years later, she starred in the drama, Lovers in Paris, which propelled her to stardom. I almost couldn’t recognised her in LIP as I think there were..err…a few cosmetic changes.

Anyway, she’s now in the 3rd Lovers series- “Lovers” together with Lee Seo Jin. Frankly, I think she’s too old to act cute and her expressions have remained unchanged from LIP to Princess Lulu to Lovers now- she’s perfectly ok when she acts ‘normal’. But Lee Seo Jin is to die for in the drama. Hehe!

And as I listen to the theme song now, it still brings back fond memories of the drama. It’s certainly one that I would watch again.

(Not sure where I got some of the photos from but thank you to whoever it is who did this)

He’s quite cute hor…

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