Kim Jae Wook the Walrus

In the last 2 days, I saw 2 music videos that totally caught my interest and attention. One was the mv, Pick Up Line by S Ji Sub. Him doing a hip hop song and such an mv really erases whatever impression of him that I have previously. And I mean it in a good way. But more of him in another post.

The other mv that gained my interest was a certain animal, so to speak.

Presenting The Walrus….

It seems Kim Jae Wook is not just a model and an actor but he is also a singer, fronting a indie rock band. How delightful. ^^

I guess most of us would know him as the waffle guy in Coffee Prince Shop No 1. As I mentioned at that time, he was the only guy I knew who could wear black nail polish and still look sexy.

Not just a hat, but an Ascot Race Day kind of hat.

There was quite alot of interest in him at that time. Although I didn’t actively pursue finding more out more about him, he did make an impression on me. The next time I saw him was in the 2010 drama, Bad Guy with Kim Nam Gil and Han Ga In. This time, he had a little more screen presence as the 2nd lead.

Not only did he look hotter, his acting has also improved too. I believe acting in a serious drama (despite the less than satisfying ending and the convoluted storyline) together with Kim Nam Gil and Oh Yeon Soo helped (sorry, Han Ga In was totally outshone in this drama). Catch a glimpse of that acting in this fan made mv below. I love this song..

At that time, I really did think this guy deserved to have a leading role. Later that year, he appeared in another drama, reprising his character as a chaebol’s son.

In the drama, Marry Me, Mary!, his character, Jung In wants to produce a movie with the indie rock music scene as the backdrop. And he wants Mu Gyul (Jang Guen Suk) who fronts an indie music rock band to do the music. Now, my question is, did the scriptwriter/ producer put this in because of Kim Jae Wook or was it all an coincidence? And of course, the ironic part was, he was the bona fide indie rocker and not Jang Guen Suk.

I can’t comment too much on the drama coz I gave up half way. Not the actors’ fault but the storyline was way overused (narriage contract thingy). It is a shame as all the actors in the drama (Jang Guen Suk, Moon Guen Young, Kim Jae Wook) are credible actors. Btw, just to side track, Jang Guen Suk will be in Singapore in April for a fan meet. but that’s another post.

I hadn’t realised that this guy was also in the period drama, Kingdom of the Winds. He looked so different. Funny things was, he didn’t look too weird in period costume.

And guess what? He was also in Dalja’s Spring. He was Lee Min Ki’s good friend. Watch the here. My eyes were on Lee Min Ki & Lee Hyun Woo then, so I didn’t really noticed anyone else.I’d gladly buy the clothes from him. Never see such good looking guy at the Dongdaemun malls before. Hehehe! He was also in the drama that some of my friends raved about- ‘Ruler of Your World’. Guess he’s destined to do music coz even back then, his role was related to music. Watch the clip here. Not sure about that hair though.

Now what I’d really like to catch is the movie, Antique Bakery.

In the movie, he’s a gay and boy, he was so convincing that there were rumours milling around that he was really gay in real life. Nah….. Another reason for watch the movie? He’s a good kisser. Wahaha!

(Btw, he won the Best New Actor in the 16th Korean Entertainment award for his role in ‘Antique Bakery’).

Is he a good kisser? You be the judge:

‘Marry Me, Mary!’

‘Pygmalion’s Love’

‘Bad Guy’

I like the fact that he has given us different images and impresssions in his different roles, though they are not main leads. Now how to recouncile this

With this

With this?

It would seemed that he formed his band some years ago, but the band only performed officially live on stage in the 2009 Green Mint Festival.

Finally, this year, they produced an album with 3 songs with the title track, Seoul Witch. Here’s part of that song that he sang at the Green Mint Festival. And here is the full mv.

I really like it. Makes me want to stroll barefoot in the park or have a beer whilst watching the sunset. You know, that kind of hazy, lazy feel. Very bohemian like. Though frankly, I’m not sure about the other two songs. I have to admit, I’m not much of a rocker. They are a little too loud for my taste. But I would really be looking forward to hearing and seeing more of this guy.

Btw, he also appeared in an mv (seems to be only mv that he has appeared in)…of what else? an indie rock song. Wahaha! Check it out – Dear Cloud by Ice Fortress. I have absolutely no idea what the mv is all about but the song isn’t too bad.

I found out that this unassuming guy has quite a few fans judging from my conversation with some of my friends. In fact, bb of Seoul23:59 has just blogged baout him 2 days ago here. Great taste think alike?

Here’s some eye candy before I end this post… Yummyilicious!

For something a little more in-depth, read his interview with 10asia here, here and here

Those of you who read my earlier posts, you would know that I have certain fondness for men with unbuttoned shirt….who has hat confidence and charisma to go with it. Lee Byung Hun and Chun Myung Jung are two such guys and Kim Jae Wook is another.

Have a good weekend everyone. ^^

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