Second leads..& Noh Min Woo

I’ve often found myself falling for the second male leads of most of the dramas that I watched. Of course, very often, most of these second leads end up being the first leads, so I guess that must mean I have pretty good taste or foresight. hehehe!


Seriously, from long, long ago, in My Love Patzzi’, when everyone was going googoo-gaga over Kim Jae Won (who was supposedly Bae Yong Joon the second because of his smile, but in my opinion,definitely does not resemble My Man in any way), I was going for the seal trainer. If you had watched this 2002 drama, you would know who was the seal trainer. He caught my eye and heart and went on to become a star, acting in many popular dramas and movies. Of cousre, not all his dramas and movies were great (wasn’t too thrilled with ‘Snowman‘ or ‘Say You Love Me‘. And his very early movie, ‘Plum Blossoms‘ should probably remained buried )  But he really shone in Which Star Are You From?, not to mention he was totally sauve there. This guy can act. Kim Rae Won is currently serving his military service but should be out second half of this year. It would be good to see him again.


Kim Rae Won, Kim Jae Won, Jang Na Ra, Hong Eun Hee in My Love Pattzi


And there was Lee Dong Gun in Lovers in Paris. Almost everyone was rooting for Park Shin Yang, but there were some of us supporting Lee Dong Gun. There were some heated arguments in the forum, Hotelier2002. He put up such a great performance in there that my heart totally broke for him when he said ‘goodbye’ to his uncle/ brother and the woman he loves in that almost final scene. Strange thing was, earlier that year, he was actually the main lead for ‘Sweet 18′ together with Han Ji Hye, so I’m not surewhy he decided to accept the role of a second lead in ‘Lovers of Paris‘ but I’m very glad he did and I’m sure he must have too coz that drama had over 50% ratings. Yup, it was that popular. But Lee Dong Gun was the most handsome in ‘Stained Glass‘. Unfortunately, the drama which started off really well, went downhill halfway and there was absolutely no chemistry between him and Kim Ha Neul. I was really angry because it had such a stupid ending too. Arrgggh! Lee Dong Gun was a singer before he turned to acting and he was invited to Singapore in 2005 for Z Pop. He is currently also in the army.


One of my favrourite actor, Lee Jun Ki exploded onto the scene in 2005 first with the movie, The King and the Clown’ and then in the drama, My Girl. But whilst many thought he was a little feminine (because of his hairstyle as well as his movie) and went crasy over Lee Dong Wook,  I thought he was really manly and really liked him. His voice is very seductive and doesn’t go with his ‘prettier’ than a woman’s face. He blew my mind (and heart ) away in those heart breaking scenes when Lee Da Hae rejected him (I’ll take him anytime). If you really want to see him at his best, watch the drama, ‘Time of Dog & Wolf’. And yes, this man is too in the army. Sigh…


Lee Jun Ki in Time of Dog & Wolf

Recently, I fell in love with the second lead from 3 different dramas. And….they all turned out to be indie musicians. Hmm…. there must be some aura in these indie rockers that attract me.


You Are Beautiful was different from most of the Korean genres at that time and became very popular with the younger crowd. Of course, the fact that Park Shin Hye, Jang Geun Suk and Lee Hong Ki (of FT Island) were in the drama made it a must watch for most people. But who on earth was Jung Yong Hwa??? Nobody had heard of him or know about him. But by the end of the drama, (well, actually, somewhere near the beginning of the drama for me) Jung Yong Hwa gained the interest of many fans. There was a certain coolness about him (as compared to the loudness and brashness of Jang Geun Suk’s character). Was this because he was really an indie (I use indie loosely to differenciate from idol bands) musician? I’m not sure. I like FT Island’s music alot but I didn’t go crasy over Lee Hong Ki, so I guess that can’t be the only reason.  Shortly after the drama, CN Blue relesed their first album. I guess it was a calculated move by the agency but it really did work because CN Blue’s first album in Korea sold really, really well. Catch a glimpse of Shin Woo (Yong Hwa) in this fan made video with the song that he sang for Mi Nam. I totally enjoyed CN Blue’s showcase in Singapore last year and am hoping that they will be back again soon, especially since they have a new album out. ^^ And whilst they are promoting the title track, Íntuition’, I like the 3rd track (Imagaine) better. Listen to it here. Jung Yong Hwa will be back on the silver screen in June with Park Shin Hye for the drama, Festival. This time, I guess he will get the girl.

Jung Yong Hwa, Singapore press conference 10

Kim Jae Wook

Now should it be Kim Jae Wook or Kim Jae Uck as I found out from bb’s post. Whyon earth would anyone call themself Úck’ is beyond my comprehension. However, you are definitely not going to forget a Uck though you may forget all the Wook. But I digress… I couldn’t much remember him in ‘Dalja’s Spring‘. I guess I was looking at Lee Min Ki, the spare tire. hehe! But who could forget the waffle guy in Coffee Prince Shop No 1? He was just so right for that role. But he really stole my heart in Bad Guy though I have to say Kim Nam Gil’s acting was much better than his. But I think this is the drama (at least for me since I didn’t watch manyof his other dramas) that gave him the scope to act. I totally love this song in the fan made mv. It was a drama that could have been better because of the many good actors but it didn’t. Sigh. But I certainly took more than one or two glances at Kim Jae Wook. In fact, I took many glances and got hooked. ^^ Now, I don’t think many of us knew it but this Uck guy has been in a band for the longest time ever and they finally released their first album recently. As strange as he called himself Uck, his band’s name is even stranger- Walrus. Hmmm… But I like the song very much. Read my post here. Walrus is going to perform/ have a fan meeting in Hong Kong on the 2nd April. Come here Walrus! Come here!I didn’t much like ‘Marry Me Mary!‘ though and sincerely hope he will get a chance to be the lead soon in another drama.

Kim Jae Wook


And lastly, my latest ‘love’- Noh Min Woo. He’s slightly different in looks from the above 2 but this man, who someone commented, ‘has a very lovely collarbone’on soompi is just as talented in the music field. He was an ex-member of the band, Trax (which I rather like). Although he has acted in a few movies and dramas, including the popular, ‘My Girlfriend is a 9-Tailed Fox‘, I only really noticed him in Midas‘ (starring Jang Hyuk  and Lee Min Jung). Aiyoh, he is super, super good looking in the drama. But, but, his character is going to die!!! There hasn’t been much chance for him to show his acting skills as yet but I think more will come in the second half of the drama. I believe he is capable of doing more besides acting as a pretty-playboy-who-is-going-to-die soon, so I hope he has a chance to show the audience. I also hope I don’t cry buckets for him.

Like the Jung Yong Hwa and Kim Jae Wook, Noh Min Woo is also in a band, called 24/7. Listen to their track, ‘That Guy’s Girl’ here. (The MV was awful. Don’t watch). It would seemed that Noh Min Woo is on pretty good terms with SNSD and vice versa. He has worked with both Yoona and Sunny. Listen to their ballad track of ‘Gee’ here. Last year, Noh Min Woo went as a volunteer to Malawi where he taught the kids to sing. Watch some of the clips here and here. And this clip has him singing to his ‘daughter’/ friend, Magi. To understand a little more about his trip to Malawi, watch the clip below.

Of course, if you want a really super hot Min Woo playing the drums, click here or hear his song, Trap. How could a man look so sexy in one minute and so vulnerable  the next? The more I find out about this man, the more intrigued I become.

For now, I end off with these drooling photos. I shall be very interested to find out more about this man in the future and even more keen to see where and how far he will go. In the meantime, I am thoroughly enjoying the drama, ‘Midas‘, not just for the storyline (although all the M&A and financial jargon is giving me a headache) and excellent acting by the cast. But also for the eye candies, Noh Min Woo and Lee Min Jung. I have to say they look really good together.


Noh Min Woo in Midas. Credit: soompi

Noh Min Woo in Midas

Don’t you just want to pinch his cheeks?

From his twitter

The man with the lovely collarbone

Noh Min Woo, Midas press conference



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