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This is a little late seeing that SS3 is over. The boys have seperated to do their own things. Super Junior-M is now in Taiwan and will be there for the next 2 months to promote their new Mandarin album- Perfect. Siwon and Donghae will also be filming their Taiwanese show there. So it may not be easy to the whole group together again till the release of their 5th album, which I presume will be in the later part of the 2011

Do you miss these guys?

Super Junior @ SS3 Press conference SG

I’m sure everyone would have known by now what they said during the press conference. If you didn’t, the following video clips from xinmsn will give you a good idea. I had gone all prepared to tape/ take photographs during the press conference. Unfortunately, right at the door, just before we were allowed in, we were told only selected media (main media) would be allowed to take photographs of the boys and tape the press conference. So ……

SG Press conference Pt 1
SG Press conference Pt 2
SG Press conference Pt 3
SG Press conference Pt 4

Throughout the whole press conference, what striked me was their ease with each other and their confidence. I guess these can only come about after being in the industry and in the eyes of the media for long period of time. Frankly, the group did not make much impression on me until last year when I attended their first press conference and showcase in Singapore. Yeah, it takes a long time for me to warm to boy bands or girls bands, because many of them are so similar. ^^

However, the the act that really impressed upon me was how Lee Teuk came down and passed the mike to one of the reporter during the press conference when the mike went missing. It was spontaneous. Si Won did the same thing too during the Samsung/ SingTel press conference last year.


Super Junior SS3 SG Press conference- Lee Teuk

So I guess we can all look forward to their next album and hopefully another sold-out SS4 in Singapore next year (Eun Hyuk said he wants the tickets to be sold out in 30 minutes next time. hehe!) And please, no more car chasing causing accidents and for goodness sake, don’t throw anything that’s hard and sharp on stage. Poor Heechul…


Super Junior SS3 Press conference- Hee Chul

F&N Super Junior Dance Challenge

F&N as one of the sponsor, organised a very interesting contest in conjunction with the Super Junior concert. Very simply, contestants had to dance to Super Junior dance steps. The winner got to perform at the press conference for the world to see and clips of their performance were also screened just before the actual concert. Of course, they also walked away with $1,000 cash plus F&N products. See my post here. And the winner is:

Ta-da!!- IMPA7CT

Impc7t with Beatrice Chia

And here is their winning clip. Catch them rehearsing just before their public performance at the press conference here

I had a very quick interview with them the press conference. This group of 7 comprising of both boys and gals did not practice very long for the contest BUT as a group, they have been dancing for awhile. All students of Nanyang Polytechnic, past and present, they have been practising and dancing regularly for about a year at least and even won the Teenage K Pop Dance Battle 10. Asked what they were going to do with the cash prize, they replied that they were going to buy shoes as some of their shoes were pretty won out from all the dancing. Spoken like true dancers.

Imp7ct – buying new shoes with their cash prize

Click here to catch a short interview of them. I don’t think it will be the last time we see this group. ^^

F&N Sparkling Drinks has been a sponsor for a series of dance events including Jay Park, and the recent Singapore Dance Delight. Throught these events, they connect to the youth of today (I have very fond memories of F&N drinks, especially during CNY. hehe!) and I think it’s great. Dancing is a healthy and great form of recreation. Not that I can dance well but I certainly admire those who can. With so K Pop acts coming to Singapore, I would think we will see F&N Sparkling Drinks appearing as one of the sponsor again. So keep a lookout guys and support your local drinks.

Ok, that’s all for the very late and brief write up. There are quite a few more concerts coming up, so it will be pretty busy in the land of the little red dot. ^^

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