Dance Delight Vol 2 by F&N

Last weekend, I attended an event that was both energetic and exciting. I went to watch Dance Delight Vol 2, presented by F&N Sparkling Drinks & produced by O School. Yup, I went to watch 40 teams dance and groove on stage and came away feeling both young and old at the same time.

This is the second year that they are holding this competition and interest in it has certainly increased. From last year’s 28 teams, it had increased to 40 teams this year. Pretty good I must say and it has gone international as well. (ok..maybe regional). There were teams from Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand.

Stage for Dance Delight 02 held at Scape on 260211

Although it was raining heavily earlier and they had to move the event indoors, it didn’t dampen any of excitment. The fans and supporters packed the indoor studio, whilst those who couldn’t, watched from the screens outside. Still, I was glad when it finally stopped raining and the event moved back outdoors, where it belonged, under the stars.

Sheik Haikel hosting Dance Delight Vol 2

Each team (between 2-8 members) had to cheograph and perform a 3 minute routine at this preliminary. Some were ok, some were good and some were fantastic. There was a good mixture of both boys and girls and an abundance of talent which was appreciated and supported by the crowd who was very orderly too. No shouting, no rowdiness. I guess they were all there for a good time.

The crowd at Scape for the Singapore Dance Delight

Dance Delight Vol 1 champion- Joyce and the Boys (how? can be SG Super Junior? ^^)

These 40 teams were judged by both Ryan Tan and Kenny Low of O School, (who also produced the competition) and An An of  Da’ Street Soulz.

Judges for Dance Delight Vol 2

Team Elite from The Philippines

Defending champion, Joyce and the Boys

The Zoo from Thailand

Whilst watching them dance, it  occured to me that this could be the reason why K Pop is so popular recently. K Pop bands are almost synonymous for their precise and energetic dance moves. Dance, street dance is extremely popular with the youth, because it gives them a chance to be themselves, to be free (and also to work off all those energy bursting within them). And gosh, do they have energy!

The finals for Dance Delight Vol 2 will held at Wave House Sentosa on the 12 March 11. Tickets @ S$20 are available for sale at O School. Do go and get the tickets and be as mermerised as I did. The winner will get to compete at Dance Delight Vol 18 at Osaka, Japan together with participants from all over the world. Quite an experience and honour I would say.

Team Harlequinn, one of the finalist for Singapore Dance Delight Vol 2

The event reminded me very much of Dream High. In one particular scene, there was a street dance battle between the Kirin students and a group in Japan. Although I guess, this was more b-boys battle than street dance battle. Anyone care to let me know if I’m right?

Here’s the finalists for Dance Delight Vol 2, to be held at Wave House, Singapore on 12th March 11.

  1. Go Go Funky Rangers (Indonesia)
  2. B.O.T.S (Born to Swag)
  3. The Basic Five
  4. Sickin Freak
  5. Flair Brothers
  6. I.DOT.M (I Dot M)
  7. The Zoo Thailand
  8. Free Frago
  9. Househead
  10. Sonic Vibe
  11. Team Elite (Philippines)
  12. Major Jam
  13. Fantastic Forze Crew
  14. Size-Zero
  15. Burning Bums (the only couple group)
  16. Rough Addicts
  17. F4C Stars
  18. Joyce and the Boys (Defending Champions)
  19. Harlequinn
  20. Hit the Speed Limit

The only couple team to have made it to the finals for Singapore Dance delight Vol 2

Good luck to all the teams.

Soem highlights from the preliminary round

About F&N Sparkling Drinks

F&N drinks being served during Dance Delight Vol 2

I’m sure almost everyone knows about F&N drinks. I grew up with them. There were not many ‘foreign’ drinks then. During the festive season, it was pretty much compulsory to buy the F&N cherry and F&N orange (but not sarsi coz it’s dark colour. hehe!) I’m not if you would count it as a ‘cool’drink but it certainly a must-have drink. Over the years, it became more competitive with more variety of drinks becoming available in our market. Some of the big boys like Pepsi and Coke paid big names like Michael Jackson, F4, Britney Spears to endorse their brands. Sometimes, it was easy to forget that F&N is our very own local brand and has been around for years.

I’m glad to see F&N coming back strongly to communicate with the youth via sponsorship of such events. Those that I know recently – Breaking the Groove,  the Super Junior Dance challenge and this Dance Delight series were all dance related and I believe that is the direction they will continue in their effort introduce a new and younger generation to their drinks and brand. So I guess there will be more dance related events in the future, which is good news for the dance enthusiasts. What’s really interesting is the fact that they’ve also tied up with omy to organise a Meet the Groove New media challenge. 10 bloggers were selected to cover this event (using new media like blogging, twitter, facebook etc) and 2 winners will get to to go Japan later this year together with the winners of the Dnace Delight Vol 2 for the prestigious Dance Delight Vol 18 in Osaka. Kudos to F&N for recognising that new media is a good way to reach out to the youth today.

Their site is actually pretty cool, check it out here or try their facebook

My fav F&N drink- Sarsi and ice-cream soda. ^^ What’s yours?

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