Capital Scandal

Have been tied-up due to some personal matters and haven’t been able to blog as much as I wanted. I also didn’t have the time to watch ‘Air City’.


this man caught my interest or my eye rather..

And before I know it, I’ve watched 4 episodes within 3 days. This is another gem. It’s so funny. Hehe! Never knew Kang Ji Hwan can do comedy.

Capital Scandal is set in the 1930’s when Korea was under Japan rule. It is a harsh time but at the same time, also when things are a changing…like dance and fashion for instance.

Kang Ji Hwan is Son Woo Wan, the son of a rich and established family. He is also the biggest playboy in the city, who in his words: “Just give him 10 minutes, and he will have any girl in the city falling for him.”

Just look at his reception when he arrived back in Seoul….an army of women welcoming him back.

Han Ji Min is Na Yu Kyung, the owner of a bookstore, a teacher by night and….a freedom fighter. She’s very conservative, naïve and stubborn in her principles and beliefs. Known as Cho Maja- the last woman of Chosun, she proves to be rather immuned to the playboy’s charms, much to Wan’s exasperation.

Wan & Cho Maja are as different as light and day (in terms of character and physical appearance- she’s way shorter than him) and…. they make the perfect couple. Cho Maja will be the death of Wan. So far, she has:

1)insulted and scolded him
2)punched, kicked and knocked him
3)made him stripped
4)threatened him with a gun
5)made him enter a boxing match (he who drinks coffee with his pinky finger up)

So far, the show has been funny but not exaggerated like Hello! Miss. It has it’s serious side (afterall, this was about an important even in an unsettled time) but it’s been dealt with in a light hearted way…so far.

And I love the other couple too.

Han Go Eun is Cha Song Joo, a giseang. She is really very pretty and sophisticated. I love all her dresses and she has such a strength of calmness and strength in her…and no wonder…as she is also a secret fighter.

And Ryu Jin is Lee Soo Hyun- he’s the strong, quiet type but yet you could still feel that warmth in his charcter. All of us are speculating that he’s hiding some secret and that he’s probably really a secret fighter too but working in the Japanese government as a disguise.

The Japanese governor and his wife are hilarious.

And Wan’s 3 good friends are goofy and always up to no-good but oh…they are so funny too.

Not sure if it’s going to be just as good in the following episodes (it’s up to ep 9 now, and so far so good), but I really hope the story will be just as funny, while still retaining it’s serious underlying story. But no matter how the story develops, I’m sure the chemistry between the 2 of them will only get better. And that’s half the battle won.

Unfortunately, the ratings haven’t been high as it’s fighting against Park Shin Yang’s ‘War of Money’. Haven’t watched it yet as I didn’t want to fall into the same frenzy as the last session when I was watching 5 dramas at one go. I did hear that it’s pretty good. But then Park Shin yang is a good actor.

But it seems I may have no choice but to start this frenzy again soon as Yoon Eun Hye and Gong Yoo’s ‘Coffee Princeshop No 1’ has just started on the Monday/ Tuesday slot (this was supposed to be Bae Yong Joon’s ‘Great King Four Gods’ slot originally…Sigh…)

But it seems quite promising….

And on the 18th July, there will be another competitor to the Wednesday/ Thursday time slot-

Lee Joon Gi, Nam Sang Mi and Jung Kyung Ho’s ‘Time of the Wolf and the Dog’. All 3 of them look so different from when I last saw them. It’s going to be another police/ secret agent story…but I’m really looking forward to watching Lee Jun Ki on screen again.

I’m going to catch up with the rest of Capital Scandal over the weekend and have a few laughs.

For more information and discussion, you can go on to soompi.

The MV, with the theme sone sang by Eru. My absolute favourite.
Capital Scandal mv

Above 2 photos credit Luv of soompi

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