Time of Dog & Wolf- first impression

I’ve been busy with My Harry Potter and didn’t have the time to catch up with some of the dramas. But I did glance through the first 2 episodes of ‘Time of Dog & Wolf’.

Starring Nam Sang Mi, Jung Kyung Ho and of course Lee Jun Ki.

Just like ‘Air City’, the drama got off to a very fast pace start- car chase, gun fight, the whole works and ended with So Hyeon (Lee Jun Ki) being shot and plummeting into the sea in his car. Very dramatic. I am guessing this is the last part of the drama or near the ending of the drama. The second epsiode went back in time, to his childhood.

I haven’t had the chance to watch it properly yet so I can’t comment too much but I do like what I see so far if only because of Lee Jun Ki mainly. Well, I do like how the 3 actors have changed from the time I last saw them.

I last saw Jung Kyung Ho in ‘I’m Sorry I Love’. Of course, he was over shadowed by So Ji Sub but I didn’t like his looks nor his character in the drama…too wimpy. So far, in ‘Time of Dog & Wolf’, he looks different…more matured and I think it also allows him to stretch his acting capabilities. I’m liking what I see so far..though I will have to watch further to see if his acting is any good. But his brotherly chemistry with Lee Jun Ki is good.

I saw Nam Sang Mi in ‘Sweet Spy’. Not the best drama but strangely enough I found it bearable except for the strange assistant of Dennis O. Of course, Dennis O probably played a large part in me not abandoning the drama. She’s also more matured in this drama and I like her looks in this drama. Hmmm…I just found out that both Jung Kyung Ho and Nam Sang Mi acted together in a 2005 drama called ‘My Darling, My Sweet’.

And of course Lee Jun Ki was in ‘My Girl’, which was the drama that started my interest in him.

In ‘Time of the Dog and Wolf’, he’s cut off his long, wispy locks and spot a new short hairstyle. He’s taken on a more serious and darker character. Do I like it? Yes, definitely, I think he looks incredibly good and sexy with this new look. I also like the fact that the character will be a more complicted one that that in ‘My Girl’. This will also be a good opportunity for him to convince the rest of the world that he is not girly or feminine…which I’ve been telling everyone as well.

Of course, it is still too early to say if the drama will do well. ‘Air City’ started off well and then went downhill halfway through because of the script. This is despite the brilliant acting by Lee Jung Jae and the great transformation of Choi Ji Woo.

So let’s just see. But the ost isn’t too bad and I especially like the theme song by MC the Max (which I’m playing now on my blog).

See the difference in dressing? According to Wendy of Lee Jun Ki Singapore, who was in Korea to watch part of the shooting, the scene (photo on the left) was originally shot outside Starbucks. The PD reshot it in a smaller, more cosy cafe later. Hence the difference in clothing. Must say I much prefer the dark suit. That grey suit does not work with that tie lah. And Nam Sang Mi looks better too with the shorter hair sttyle. hehe!

I really like men in uniform…

Briefly on Jang Hyuk in Singapore
He was spoted at Bras Basah Complex on Friday evening at about 6.30pm, wearing a beanie and sunglasses. What on earth is he doing in Bras Basah Complex???? Buying art materials? That man sure turn up at the strangest places. You think he will go Causeway Point next? Maybe the zoo?

And last night, I was told he went pubbing. A fan saw him at the hotel when he came back, slightly flushed. Hehe! Wonder where he went.. St James? MOS? And will he be going out again tonight? Stay tune as some fans will be trying to catch him tonight. Haha!

And this is the photo that A managed to take with Jang Hyuk on Wednesday night. Cute in that Chinese kungfu shirt right? (Please do not hotlink the photo). She’s also taken a photo with Fann Wong and Robin Leong. Now all she has to do is take a photo with Jason Scott Lee and she would have a photo with the entire cast of ‘Dance of the Dragon’. ^^

Filming supposed to start end of July.

And before I go… one last photo of Lee Jun Ki. I’ve always like his eyes…they are really very expressive and they were what captivated me when I first saw him.

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