A Walk down memory lane- Korean Drama ost Night

Sometime in 2011, I wrote a post about my wish list for the singers that I would like to see performing in Singapore. (click here for that post) Back then, it was at the height of the K Pop concert wave, with either a fan meeting or concert on every 2-3 weeks. TBut they were almost all boy groups with a sprinkling of girl groups. I was longing for something different. In particular, I was longing to hear Baek Ji Young sing live.

Two weeks ago, I had my wish granted.

Together with K.Will, Yoo Sung Eun and GB9, the four of them performed to a almost full house at The Star Vista singing many of the familiar hits from some of the most popular Korean dramas.

As the artistes sang, images of the dramas came into my mind. Kwon Sang Woo and Choi Ji Woo ice skating in ‘Stairways to Heaven’, Rain and Song Hye Gyo arguing in ‘Full House’ and the shin ramyeon scene in ‘Princess Hours’, Kim Soo Hyun passionate kiss with Jeon Ji Hyun at the top of stairs in ‘You Who Come from the Star’. Sweet memories indeed.

Opening the concert, the duo, GB9 sang one of Kim Bum Soo’s most popular song, ‘Missing You’ from the hit drama, ‘Stairways to Heaven’. This was followed by ‘Snow Flower’ in I’m Sorry, I Love You’. Unfortunately, they could not quite match the soulful voice of Park Hyo Shin’s nor carry the strong emotional tune of Kim Bum Soo. I did enjoy their own song, ‘Going Crazy’ and found myself tapping away at the catchy song.

Yoo Sung Eun really shine when she sang ‘My Destiny’ from ‘You Who Come From the Star’. Originally sung by Lyn, the song has some high notes that are difficult to reach. She did so easily and sent goose bumps down many of us. I’m really looking forward to hearing more from her in the future.

If Baek Ji Young is known as the Queen of ost, then K.Will must be the Prince of ost. I refuse to label him as King, which the organiser did in their repss release. He’s too young! And cute too. *Fangirling here*

Serenading to us with his soulful voice with songs from the various hit dramas, he got us humming in ‘Like a Star’ from ‘You Who Come from the Star’ and clapping away in ‘Real Love Song’ from The Greatest Love’. Personally, I’m thrilled with his own songs and was really over the moon when he sang ‘Growing’ from his latest album, ‘Re:’. K.Will really interacted with the audience well, joking and teasing the fans. When some of the fans screamed as he took a sip of water, he deliberately did so a few more times and even pose while doing so. Hehe! My only complaint? He talked too fast and I could barely catch a word he was saying. Thank goodness for the interpreter. I;m crossing my fingers that he will come back to stage a proper concert..even if it’s just a mini one.

The star of the night was of course Baek Ji Young. Launching into one of her earlier most popular hit ‘Don’t Forget Me’ from ‘Iris’, she showed why she is known as the Queen, with her strong vocal soaring at the chorus. It was an absolute joy. Of course, most were just waiting to hear ‘That Woman’ from ‘Secret Garden’. She commented that although she is not ‘close’ to Hyun Bin, she does have a connection with him, singing the theme song for 3 of his dramas and movie.

She ended the concert with 2 fast tracks- ‘My Ear’s Candy’ and ‘Bad Girl’. ‘My Ear’s Candy’ MV stars Taekyeon of 2PM. It would have been too expensive to bring him over, she commented, so her manager of 10 years stood in instead. And he did a good job with some smooth moves!

The concert ended rather abruptly with Baek Ji Young saying good ngiht and going off stage.

No encore. The other artistes did not come out to say a final good bye. Just lights on. Maybe if the mostly matured audience had behave like most fans at boy/ girl band concerts by screaming and stamping their feet, it might be different?

Anyway, it just felt a little wanting, a little incomplete.

I can only hope there will be another similar concert soon.

It’s quite amazing how music and dramas (or movies) are so inter connected. A beautiful ost helps to enforce a strong drama by stirring up the emotions and conversely, an interesting drama that draws the audience in, will help to popularize the songs associated with it. They are inter connected.

But I think what is even more amazing is the fact that I’ve been watching Korean dramas for over 10 years! Here’s to more years of Korean dramas and ost.

And to end this post, I’m posting the MV from THE Korean drama that started it all for me. It was sung by GB9 that night. To hear some of the amazing songs that were sung by these singers that night, click onto my FB

Which of the following dramas have you watched?


Full House

Gu Family Book

Hyde, Jekyll and Me

I'm Sorry I Love You


Master of the Sun 1

My Sassy Girl


Princess Hours

Rooftop Prince

Secret Garden

Stairway to Heaven

The Fatal Encounter 1

The Greatest Love

Winter Sonata

You Who Come From the Star 1

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