Hallyu New Year

We’re already into the mid month of the new year- 2014. Where did 2013 go? All 365 days of it. I’m sure I just celebrated New Year not too long ago and didn’t I just watched SM Town live in Singapore? Oh wait, that was in 2012.

SMTownSG 3,231112

2013 has continued to see a record number of Korean acts- in the form of concerts, fan meets and fairs. It also saw the cancellation of a few shows including what would have been one of the biggest concert for 2013- MBC Korean Music Wave. Needless to say, there were many very disappointed and angry fans. Hopefully, they will be able to get their refund asap.

MBC Korean Music Wave 2013 tickets

One of the biggest crowd pulling act in 2013 wasn’t from a boy or girl band.. but from a group of actors/ singers who were well known for carrying almost impossible missions on their reality show- ‘Running Man’. Apparently, their appearance at the Jurong Shopping Point left the mall paralysed. Lee Kwang Soo and Yoo Jae Suk were busy filming their projects and were sorely missed at the event. Nevertheless, Running Man fans were no less thrilled and turned out in full force to support the members. It was also one of the more enjoyable show because of their spontaneity and chemistry with each other.


Another showcase that I enjoyed was Kim Jong Kook’s showcase. He has a such wonderful voice that he doesn’t need any flashing lights or fancy wardrobe and back up dancers. I was certainly very happy to finally hear him sing live, I only wished that it was a full fledge concert. Now, if I can ticked off the rest on my must-watch singers list..

Kim Jong KookCredit: Mode Entertainment

Innisfree finally opened up a branch here in Singapore and created long queues.. all hoping to be the lucky one to meet their spokesperson- Lee Min Ho. Alas, only a very, very selected few were lucky enough to meet him in an exclusive fan meet…and I was not one of them. The last time he came for Etude House, there was also a Minho-mania… so much so that his appearance at the store was cancelled. This time round, they got smart and he made a stealthy visit to the store at midnight (or so I heard).

Lee Min Ho 2

I did managed to see Lee Min Ho at his very brief press conference though it was very tame. But it was still nice to see him again… my Kim Tan. Wahaha! For more photos of Lee Min Ho at the Innisfree press conference, check out Asta TV January 14 issue on sale now.

Personally for me, I would visit Innisfree again because of the very friendly prices.. I think I went a bit overboard.. ^^

Innisfree products

Some good dramas in 2013 too… with most of them coming from SBS, which seemed to be on a roll.- ‘I Hear Your Voice’, ‘Mater’s Sun’, ‘The Heirs’ and now ‘You Who Come from the Star’. And I added a few more boys to my banchan list.

I Hear Your Voice, Lee Jong Suk

Kim Woo Bin, Sports Jacket 1


Btw, Kim Soo Hyun and Jeon Ji Hyeon’s ‘You Who Came From the Star’ started last night on ONE TV Asia. Remember to catch it. It’s good. Really.

More Korean restaurants opened and more Korean snacks became available in the supermarkets. And I ate..and ate… and ate…

Ginseng Fest 5, 071113

Ginseng Festival organised by Korean Embassy at Hansang Korean Restaurant

Kimchi soup

And whilst Annyeong Seoul (which is organised by Seoul Rhythms- yours truly) used to be about the only Korean fair 3 years ago, there were at least 3-4 last year- big, medium and small. I don’t think the consumers are complaining though.

Annyeong Seoul 2013- 68

So what’s in store for 2014?

Well, Rain has already kicked start the year by having 2 concerts at Marina Bay Sands. And I’m sure there will be even more acts, concerts and fan meets in the months ahead. I heard there may be one next month (he would may girls, both young and and the not-so-young many scream). And there will be more to come. I hope I don’t get an overdose.

One event that I’m really looking forward to is the Trick Eye Museum that will be held at the Resorts World Sentosa in mid June. According to reports, there will be about 80 pieces on display.

And littlemisshoo has just published her second book…with even more drama locations to guide you on that Hallyu tour. It’s on sale now at Kinokiniya (Singapore & Malaysia, HMV) and Seouly Shopping.

But of course, what I would really like is a trip ‘back home’.

Anyone coming?

Ajuma in Korean mkt

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