Alpha audition in December 2011 (updated 26 Dec 11)

I’m sure all K Stars hopeful wannabes would know by know that Alpha Entertainment will hold an audition in December this year. There will be 2 types of audition-

Here are the updates to the auditions

A) Miss A Showcase ticket holder audition
Date: 27 December 2011
Time: 10am
Venue: InQueenz Office, 195 Pearl’s Hill Terrace #01-09 (Formerly Police 999 Headquarters, behind former CID Bldg)
Nearest mrt station: Outram mrt station or Chinatown mrt station. Click here for Map

B) Alpha Entertainment members audition
Date: 28 December 2011
Time: 8.30am
Venue: MDIS Queenstown Campus, 501 Stirling Road
Nearest mrt station: Queenstown mrt station (nearest) or Commomwealth mrt station. Click here for Map

C) Those who missed the deadline and did not register for either of the above 2 auditions
Date: 28 December 2011
Time: 8.30am
Venue: MDIS Queenstown Campus, 501 Stirling Road
Nearest mrt station: Queenstown mrt station (nearest) or Commomwealth mrt station. Click here for Map
This is the only day you may come down and try your luck. Priority will be given to those who have registered online. If time permits, you will be able to join the audition.

Things to note
1) If you did not print out the a copy of the audition form during online application or those who missed the deadline for the audition, please download here (with much thanks to Micah Tan who uploaded it)
2) For those going to Miss A Showcase ticket holders audition, you MUST bring along your ticket for verification on the day itself. There is no need to sign up to be a member of Alpha Entertainment.
3) For those attending the Alpha Entertainment audition, if you have your membership card, please bring it along. If you have signed up online but yet to pay or receive the membership card, you can pay and get your card on the day itself. For those who have yet to sign up to be a member of Alpha Entertainment, you can also do so on the day itself. Registration is instant and you will get your card on the day itself.
*You HAVE to be a member of Alpha Entertainment to join the 28 Dec audition
4) For those below 18 years old, parental consent is compulsory. On the audition for (see above to print out the form), please ask your parent to:
sign with FULL Name, NRIC or Passport No, HP No and the sentence “I Give Consent” below the signature. This applies to everyone who wish to join the auditions.

How to qualify?
1) Age 9 to 26 years
2) Those below 18 please get parental consent and sign at the bottom of the application form
3) 2 Categories: Vocal or Dance. Choose only ONE
4) Those doing Dance please bring along your CD
5) For those singing, you will have to sing live without music
6) Only solo performance is accepted

This is what will happen on the day itself (subject to changes)
1) For those who have registered within the deadline, you will have to verify your details at the counter
2) After verification, you will have to go to another counter to verify, register, pay or collect your Alpha Entertainment card
3) After all verifications have been done, you will be led to a 3rd counter to collect your number tag
5) You will be then be led to a holding area and await your turn. Queries can be answered here with regards to the audition as Alpha Entertainment staff will be present
4) For those who missed the registration deadline, there will be a separate counter for you. Your audiiton will be subject to any avialable time left after registered applicants

1) Please dress appropriately and neatly. That means- no shorts, no slippers and T shirts. Those dressed inappropriately may be turned away
2) No make-up. Long hair must be tied-up. The casting panel wants to look at the real you.
3) For those singing, you have to sing live without music. Memorise the lyrics. Do not hold any paper in front of you as it shows you are not prepared and unprofessional. Be natural.
4) For those dancing, please bring along your cd. Make sure and check that it works. Bring a backup if necessary.
5) Your song or dance must be no more than 1 minute.
6) If they like you, you may be asked to perform another item- dance, sing or act. So be prepared mentally and physically.
7) Audition is done behind closed door so family members and friends are not allowed inside.
8 ) Audition will be done on a first-come-first-served basis. So that means, if you register earlier, you will get to perform earlier.

Lastly- Always, always keep yourself updated via Alpha Entertainment’s facebook.

You will be judged by staff who were formerly from SM Entertainment and have trained TVXQ, SNSD, Super Junior etc. These are the credentials
1) Manager of TVXQ, SNSD, Kangta
2) Casting Director – most of the artistes from SM
3) Head of Training – scouted Zhou Min and Victoria. Trained SNSD, SJ, SJ M, F(X), 3 members from SHINee

Someone asked me what the judges are looking for. Seriously I don’t know. Otherwise I would have opened up a talent company liao. The X factor is important of course. But more that that, these are what they want to see in the people that they pick

1) Excellent attitude and commitment
2) Ability to work and live as a Team
3) Ability to follow instructions and of course
4) Talents

The right attitude is important in any job but perhaps even more so in the entertainment industry. As I’ve mentioned in my previous posts on the Alpa/ JYP auditions held in Singapore last year, stars can work in harsh conditions and crazy schedule, especially when you are just debuting or rising. Just look at Girls’ Generation schedule. For the K Pop Night concert last year, they arrive in the afternoon, performed in the night and left straight away. Less than 24 hours in a country that they flew about 8 hours to just to perform about 3 songs. So you got to be committed and be very sure this is what you want.

And if you are picked, you will be forming a team, not as a solo singer. So if you can’t work together with strangers (yes, they will be strangers, maybe even speaking in a different language), do reconsider.

And of course ability to follow instructions. If selected, you will be undergoing for at least about 15-16 hours a day- be it singing, dancing, learning Korean. So you have to be able to follow instructions and do as you are told.

Show some initiative. Find out how to get to the venue instead of asking the organiser. Bring the necessary items and get the necessary consent from your parent if necessary. All information has been given here and on Alpha Entertainment’s FB. Check through for answers. Be prepared. You owe it to yourself to get it right if you want this. I am not an employee of Alpha Entertainment but Seoul Rhythms is pleased to be working together with Alpha Entertainment on this again.

Last year’s batch of selected trainees will debut next year. I’ve had a couple of sneak previews recently, and boy do they look good. But at the same time, the training was too tough for some and they were dropped. So you can get selected but whether you can actually debut will depend on how much this means to you and how much you want to succeed. Case in point- at the recent Shanghai Alpha/ JYP audiiton, one Singaporean flew all the way there and was selected. How cool is that?

And if you really, really cannot make it for this time round. Don’t worry, there will be other chances.

Follow your dream, if that’s your dream. ^^

Good luck!

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