JYP/ Alpha 2010 audition results

Finally, after 4 months and 2 rounds, the results are finally out. Curious to know who made it? Here they are:


Hong Kong:

Jackson Wang, Cherry Ngan


ALPHA (Korea):
Full Contract:-


Julie Tan, Natasha Low, Elaine Wong, Alfred Sng.

ALPHA (Korea)
Mgt Contract:-

– Singapore:

Yang Meng Jia, Amelia Tay, Ferlyn Wong, Stephanie Lee, Symone Oei, Yap Hui Xin, Hew Lyn Li, Chen Wenjie Giscille, Hannah Oen

– Hong Kong:

Sharon Yip

Of course, it does not necessarily mean that the above will accept the contract offered. I believe some of them are still students and some of them may have other current commitments. Still, it may mean that not too long in the near distant future, Singaporeans may be amongst an emerging Korean band. Isn’t that exciting?

From what I understand, a full contract means that they will undergo full intensive training in Korea, just like any trainees under a Korean agency like JYP, SM etc. Management contract means that training will be undertaken here in Singapore or Korea during holidays, weekends etc (any available free time really) until the trainers feel they are ready to debut.

Now I don’t work in Alpha and the above are just a rough explaination given to me very briefly. I guess more details may be given soon at a later stage. If you want more clarification, you can always email to audition@alphaent.com

Also, more auditions are being planned in Singapore and other Asian countries this year. So if you missed out last year’s audition, just look out for the next one. ^^

I really look forward to the day where I can tell my friends in Korea that that person performing on Music Bank or Mnet or Inkigayo is a Singaporean. ^^

Congratulations to all the selected girls and guys.

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