WAH! Korea Festival


WAH! Korean Festival by KTO


KTO will be organising it’s first ever WAH! Korea Festival at the end of this month. There will be food tasting, travel fair, a non-verbal performance by DrumCat annnd… a K-POP Singing-and-Dancing contest for all the aspiring stars out there.

Date: 29th April – 1st May
Venue: Square 2

The festival will kick off with a giant bibimbap mixing event, just like the one at the launch of WAH! Korea Club. In addition, I know there will also be food tasting proudly sponsored by CJ Food (yes, under same parent company as CJ Media). They have a range of sauces that are pretty good. Yummy….*salivating at the thought*. If you are thinking of going to Korea (I’m sure most of us are), then you can also check out what the travel agents there have to offer. You may even get a good deal.

Besides K Pop, Korea is also very well known for its non-verbal performance acts. Some of the more popular ones that you would probably be familiar with are Jump, Nanta and Break-out etc. In June 10, I also reviewed another act, The Chaser. This time round, KTO has invited DrumCat. DrumCat is helmed by an all female percussion group. Now, I’ve not watched this group performed, but I’m pretty certain it will be invigorating.

Lastly, there will be there will be a K-Pop Singing and Dancing contest. I think the first ever held by KTO. I know there are lots of wannabe singers/ dancers/ actors out there (judging from the high turnout for the recent JYP/Alpha audition). So, if you haven’t join yet, do so NOW!

Joining is easy, just upload your video either onto your own FB, the offiical FB for the contest or youtube and submit your entries. 50% of the points will be awarded by the public via voting. I just took a look and the top entry at the moment has over 400 points. So hurry, submit your entries today. Deadline is 10th April (just a few more days) and the winner walks away with a pair of return air ticket to Korea (I want!!!!) plus 3 months of training at Celine Jessandra School of Performing Arts (after training, can win more contests. Hehe!).

For more information, do go to KTO’s FB and click on the Korean Festival tab.

Before I go, here’s a clip of the group DrumCat. Enjoy! ^^

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