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There seems to be an increase in traffic to this site recently and upon checking…hehe…most were searches for Goong or Princess Hours.

So out of curiosity, I made a quick check to see how many times I’ve blogged about the show or the actors and well… ahem… this is embarassing but..actually, there were quite a lot…considering I don’t have many posts. So for those who are looking to see what I’ve written about this popular drama, here they are:

1st May 2006-

24th May 2006
May in Korea and the Emergence of the Great King

11th June 2006
June in Korea

8th October
Goong/ Princess Hour/ 궁/ 野蛮王妃

1st November
Raining Goong

I’m now watching Goong S… well sort of..

I’ve been forwarding the first 4 episodes. I’ve yet to be impressed with Se7en’s acting but Kang Doo shows some promise. I like the 2 female leads, Park Shin Hye and Huh Lee Jae better. The storyline has yet to really pick up as well and there are quite a few similarities between Goong and Goong S, which I’m not sure it’s good, so I shall see if it’s going to be as popula as Goong.

I blogged about this drama last year too.

18th October Goong S
‘Goong S’

Does the above picture look familiar?

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