Have a shower together with 5 Korean men

Fifteen years ago, when Hallyu was just starting to make waves overseas, there were hardly any official artistes/ drama products. So fans and enterprising shops started making unofficial products, just to satisfy the fans’ appetite to own a part of their love.

Over the years, that have changed. Now you have a range of products from socks to notebooks to handphone covers. These are the normal ones. You also have pyjamas, perfume. But I am amused to see this just now:

Big Bang shower curtain.

(Image credit: Ktown4u)
Imagine looking at them everyday when you are stark naked in the shower…..*blushing*

And then I saw this and I really, really like it.

But, but.. how to use hand warmers in super hot Singapore? Maybe they can invent air con gloves?

(Image credit: Ktown4u)
Above products are available on YG E-Shop as well.

And if this post enough to amuse you, you can read up on my old post about Hallyu products.
And yes, I still have the Bae Yong Joon socks. ^^

Happy weekend all.

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