K Pop group names- when Junior becomes a Senior

A thought just occurred to me the other day.

Super Junior has been around since 2005. That’s more than 10 years. By the time Kyuhun is discharged from military service in 2019, most of them would be over 30 years old.

Super Junior Super Show 2012. Credit: Running Into The Sun

So do we still call them Super Junior? Or would Super Senior suit them better? They are definitely not juniors in SM anymore.

What about Girls’ Generation? The youngest, Soohyun is already 26 years old. Surely they are more women than girls now. But Women Generation doesn’t have a good ring to it. Although most women wouldn’t mind being addressed as a girl, so I supposed it’s not much of a problem. ^^

Girls’ Generation Asia Tour 2013. Credit: Running Into The Sun

The Korean entertainment industry produces over 10 groups per year. According to this article, 244 groups debuted between 2004 to 2013, with 56 groups in 2012 alone. The members are getting younger all the time and as I’m convinced they share the same stylist, it can be rather difficult to tell them apart, so I guess everyone wants a name that is catchy and easy to remember.

Like EXO, BTS, APink, Secret. Which are fine.

But some do have me scratching my head..

Boyfriend, Tasty (which disbanded in 2015), GFriend, Wassup, Mamamoo (I’m sorry, this really makes me think of a certain animal but I’ve got nothing against the girls), BIKINY (which I gather didn’t last long),

However, seeing as most groups do not last for more than 7 years, I guess it doesn’t matter greatly. Because by the time the name starts to sound a little embarrassing, the group would be gone.

But if the group do lasts, as the agencies, the members as well as the fans hope, then it is important to have a name that is timeless.

Like Shinhwa or TVXQ or Big Bang or Davichi.

Imagine when I’m in my 60’s, it may be a little less embarrassing to say I’m going to Shinhwa’s concert than say I have tickets to Teen Top’s concert. Right?

So, Super Junior or Super Senior? But Senior also doesn’t have a nice feel to it. Maybe just Super?

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