Embracing the Moonlight love in Joseon

‘Love in the Moonlight’ is doing very well, having just passed the 20% ratings. Although I have not followed it as closely with my attention focused on another Moon drama, I did watch some of it and will probably catch up later on.

There is no doubt that the cast is doing a good job and there is tremendous chemistry between Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung. Jinyoung, the leader in the boy band, B1A4, really surprised me as well with his mature acting. And of course there is the secondary cast like the funny Eunuch Han and the very cool bodyguard Kim Byung-yeon. The plot has been progressing nicely with romance as the main story line, set against the palace politics.

But as I watched, I could not help but remember another Joseon moon drama some years ago. Four years ago to be precise. ‘The Moon that Embraces the Sun’ in 2012 was a big hit. Starring Kim Soo Hyun, Han Ga In, Jung Ill Woo and Kim Min Seo, it achieved over 40% and cemented Kim Soo Hyun as one of the top actor.

moon-that-embraces-the-sun vs love-in-the-moonlight

So here are some similarities between the 2 Moon dramas that are set in Joseon.
‘The Moon that Embraces the Sun’ vs ‘Love in the Moonlight’
– set in Joseon, with TMTETS set in a fictional time, whereas LITM was based on a real character in the Joseon dynasty.

The Crown Prince
Charming, pretty looking, manly and sexy with a baby face. Both have that very youthful look that seems to make them ageless. It also makes me want to pinch those cheeks. ^^

love-in-the-moonlight-park-bo-gum vs moon-that-embraces-the-sun-kim-soo-hyun

The rival
The second male lead that never gets the girl despite loving her unconditionally. In ‘The Moon that Embraces the Sun’, Prince Yang Myung is a rival to the throne as well as the girl. In ‘Love in the Moonlight’, although Kim Yoon-sung has no royal blood, but his fortune is one that hints at one. Certainly his family’s influence is stronger than that of the royal family. Will he also suffer a tragic ending lik Jung Ill Woo?

moon-that-embraces-the-sun-jung-ill-woo vs love-in-the-moonlight-jinyoung

The head eunuch
Sad lonely Crown Princes need a head eunuch to be their confidante. He has to be funny and make the Crown Prince laugh. And of course make us laugh too.

moon-that-embraces-the-sun-jung-eun-pyo vs love-in-the-moon-jang-kwang
The Body guard
Vulnerable Crown Princes with no political clout require a strong, silent dependable bodyguard to take care of them. They also have to be cool looking enough to melt every girls’ hearts. Dressed in black of course, complete with floppy hair.

moon-that-embraces-the-sun-song-jae-rim vs love-in-the-moonlight-kwak-dong-yeon

The woman
Of course, the girl in question is the main objective. Kim Yoo Jung is the woman in the love triangle in ‘Love in the Moonlight’. Strictly speaking, Han Ga In was the main lead but Kim Yoo Jung acted as the younger Han Ga In in the The Mon that Embraces the Sun’. How she has grown and how pretty and matured she is now.

moon-that-embraces-the-sun-kim-yoo-jung vs love-in-the-moonlight-kim-yoo-jung

Han Ga In, Kim Soo Hyun and B1A4 have been to Singapore. Han Ga In was very, very elegant. Kim Soo Hyun was too far away, so all I could see was the very big screen. Jinyoung was…very young. I’m still waiting for Jung Ill Woo. I think Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung may prove to be a little more difficult with the current popularity of their drama. Still, you never know.

So which Moon drama do you prefer? Perhaps both?


Han Ga in in 2012 for Korea Film Festival promoting her movie, ‘Architecture 101’


B1A4 in 2011 for ‘Let’s Fly Showcase’


Kim Soo Hyun in 2014 for his fan meet

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