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Super heroes needs to eat heartily to save the world. So it’ no wonder that the food at DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe is of super hero portion.

BVS Superman's Free Range Chicken Burger 2

Superman’s Free Range Chicken Burger

BVS Superman’s Free Range Chicken Burger
Ingedients: Juicy free range chicken patty with a dollop of peaVerdict: nut butter, with a layer of sunny side up egg and dukkah spice, topped with fresh guacamole, melted cheddar and smoked jalapeo and scallion pesto in soft butter milk brioche bun.
Price: $27.90

Located at the The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, the cafe cum retail shop is a homage to the super heroes we know so well. The owner is a big fan of the comics and it shows in the decor.


For the recent movie, ‘Batman vs Superman’, the cafe was very much involved in the premiere and launched a completely new menu just for the tie-in.

BVS Superman's Pasta Crevettes Carbonara

Superman’s Pasta Crevettes Carbonra

BVS Superman’s Pasta Crevettes Carbonara
Ingredients: Ingredients: Fettuccine pasta cooked with red prawns and served with poached organic egg, mentaiko cream and parmigiana shavings.
Price:: $28.90

For those into wagyu beef, then the Batman burger is for you. The beef patty is an inch thick.

BvS Batman’s Wagyu Beef Jaw Burger

Batman’s Wagyu Beef Jaw Burger. Cr: DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe

BVS Batman’s Wagyu Beef Burger
Ingredients: Crispy turkey bacon and tender Wagyu beef jaw patty prepared with apple wood smoked BBQ sauce, with telegraph cucumber, topped with melted Monterey Jack cheese, duxelle mushrooms and a slice of foie gras in charcoal brioche bun.
Price: $31.90

BVS Batman's Truffle Pasta 1

Batman’s Truffles Pasta

BVS Batman’s Truffle Pasta
Ingredients: Squid ink linguine served with sauteed garlic white shrimp tail and fresh argula salad, topped with parmigiano shavings and drizzled with premium alba truffle sauce.
Price: $26.90

At first glance, I had nearly had a heart attack when I saw at the prices. But looking at the ginormous portion as well as the ingredients, I guess it is not that expensive. Afterall, wagyu beef is premium beef. The burger can be easily shared between 2 people (or 3, if the party are small eaters). Personally, I feel that wagyu beef should be eaten as a steak so that you can savour and get the full flavour. But the rest of the people at my table were chomping away so I guess it’s just me.

I like the free range chicken burger but I have to be honest. This has all my favourites. Chicken, egg, guacamole, jalapeo. Most time, I can never taste the difference between free range chicken and normal chicken. But in this case, I can actually taste the difference. It is more flavourful and juicy. Different from usual farmed chicken. And the peanut butter was a nice touch with that lingering nutty flavour.

I also liked the simplicity of Crevettes Carbonara which was creamy without being overwhelming. The fresh prawns and the egg complimented each other every well. I would never have thought of putting egg in a creamy sauce.

DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe 6

This special menu ends at the end of this month. But frankly, I think this is a good place to check out if you are at MBS, especially if you have children in tow. The number of times we had to crack our head on dining options when we were there with my girl was painful.

The place is divided into 3 sections. The main restaurant with good, spacious eating area for familes and group of friends.

DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe 2

There is a small cafe with intimate seating arrangement for those who just want have a drink or snack.

DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe 7

And then there is the retail section with lots of merchandise and even more photo opportunities (the Batwoman with the vroom vroom car was fatastic).

DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe 10

But if you have young children who are crazy over cuddly soft toys like mine, steer them away from these.

DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe 11

DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe 9

For me, these were the most interesting pieces around. ^^

DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe 15

Wonder coffee anyone?

DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe 20

L1-03, Bay Level
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
Tel: +65 6688 7610

You can also check out their FB for more updates and information. Although their last update on the Facebook was last year. Or follow them on their Instagram. I think it might be better to call or just go down and check out the place.

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