Park Bo Young gave her ‘first’ kiss to Cho Jung Seok

Oh My Ghost 3, PC, 040915

The internet was a buzzed with their chemistry and their kisses. So naturally, one would have expected them to be experienced in this area.

“It was my first on screen kiss and I was really nervous” said Park Bo Young almost shyly. “But then I found out that oppa was even more nervous than me.” said Park Bo Young. Cho Jung Seok said that he wanted to make it beautiful for Park Bo young as it was her first (kissing scene). Awww…. and there was not much rehearsal and very little NG.

Their chemistry and rapport showed offline, as Park Bo Young called Cho Jung Seok ‘oppa’ repeatedly and the latter helped to adjust the shawl to cover her legs.

Oh My Ghost 7, PC, 040915

In town last week to promote the popular rom-com drama, ‘Oh My Ghost’, the 2 two leads answered questions from the media as they talked about the popular rom-com drama that has just ended it’s run in Korea recently. The drama scored a high of 7% for it’s last epsiode.

Park Bo Young is really petite and sweet, and though she has mentioned often in interviews, including this one, she is certainly able to capture many hearts. Just checked out her actions when the leads were asked to act out the trending Korean lines, ‘I Had a dream, a dream about ghost. It was scary.‘ Park Bo Young looked so adorable as she emphasized very strongly that she cannot act cute and made the gesture to be let off. ^^

Oh My Ghost 8, PC, 040915

Cho Jung Seok is even more manly looking in real life. Even when he’s telling a ghostly encounter that he had years old when he was in the musical, ‘Grease’. But girls who are interested to make a move on him, take note this gentleman is not interested in aggressive woman. But you may win some points if you can get him the recipe for our famous chilli crab.

Oh My Ghost 5, PC, 040915

And back to kissing, the last kiss in the final scene was done naturally with some deviation from the script. Curious how that kiss turned out? Catch the drama on StarHub TV. I think they should do another drama together.

For the full interview, check out the clip below.

You can catch the last 2 episodes of Oh My Ghost! OH我的鬼神君 on VV Drama (StarHub TV Channel 855) on repeat every Sunday at 3.15pm this Sunday (20 Sep). It will continue to be available via VV Drama On Demand (StarHub TV Channel 857) for one month till 13 Oct.

Oh My Ghost 6, PC, 040915

And I must apologise for the blurry clips at times. I can only wonder if there may be some hidden forces at work. For more photos, please check out Seoul Rhythm’s FB.

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