I dreamt of TVXQ

Last night I had a funny dream.

I dreamt of TVXQ. Yes, Changmin and Yunho. Not sure why as I’m not exactly a fan of theirs. But what was even stranger was that they were holding a fan signing session in the Ang Mo Kio Ave 1 wet market. Yes, it was that precise!

In my dream, I was having lunch there with my family and I was on my way to get my carrot cake when I saw them. I wanted to get their signatures for a friend of mine, who I know is a big, big fan of theirs. But I was hungry, so I decided to go and buy my carrot cake first before getting the signatures.

When I did go back (after my carrot cake presumably though I don’t remember eating it in my dream), they had gone off for lunch.

And the dream ended there.

I might have queued to get the signatures first if it was CN Blue. hehe!


TVXQ Asia Fan Party 2011 Singapore. Credit: S2

Changmin is currently in the drama, ‘The Scholar who Walks the Night’ with Lee Joon Ki and Yunho is in the drama, ‘I Order You’ as a chef!

I wonder what could the dream mean?

That I should have carrot cake for lunch today?

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