Dancing with GOT7

GOT7 held their first fan meeting in Singapore last month and judging from the fans’ enthusiastic response and participation, it was a resounding success.

It was raining heavily with in the afternoon but that did not dampen the fans’ spirits who were milling around the Kallang Theatre from early afternoon.

Press conference was held within the theatre prior to the event, where the boys gamely answered questions from the press. Their rapport and familiarity with each other showed. Jackson, though not the leader, was the live wire with his fluent English.

GOT7 4, Press con,  250415

Although I think this guy below caught my attention. ^^

GOT7 Mark 3

Screams and thunderous stamping filled the air the moment the lights dimmed and this came on stage. Starting the show with a very energetic ‘Stop, Stop It’, the fans roared with their approval. This was followed by Gimme.

There was a short Q&A segment where the members answered some interesting questions like who is the most beauty conscious (Bambam), who can’t do aegyo poses (JB). The poor guy was ‘forced’ by the other members to do an aegyo pose. Rather reluctantly, he attempted a rather stiff didn’t mind. I thought his ‘unaegyo’ pose was cute because of it was cute.

Fan meetings aren’t fan meetings unless the idols play games with the fans. The aim of the games are really to get as much fans involved as possible with the maximum interaction- it is called fan service. One of the game played was a catwalk with a member of the band. It started off innocently with Yugyeom just doing a simple walk with the selected fan. But as the game carried on, each member became more creative. From the saranghaeyo sign to back hug to a ‘kiss’. Of course, they didn’t really kiss, but the action alone made the fans wild and for a moment, I thought the whole theatre was going to collapse.

The boys sang and danced the night away with songs like ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’, ‘Forever Young’ and ‘A’.

A highlight of the concert was the special video prepared by the Singapore I GOT7. Although it was not an elaborate video, the fans have obviously put their heart and soul into it. And the boys were touched. This was followed by an early celebration of Bambam.

In the very crowded K Pop entertainment scene, their professionalism, their enthusiasm and their friendly banter created a warm and cozy atmosphere during the fan meeting and made the whole fan meeting enjoyable, even for me who has seen numerous K Pop acts.

The fans definitely had a wonderful night and it ended on a high note with the song ‘Bounce’ with all the fans dancing away. It was a great way to wrap up their first fan meeting in Singapore and I believe the boys will be back before long with their first concert. It is a wish held by GOT7 and their fans I GOT7.

With much thanks to LEAP Entertainment for the kind invitation to GOT7’s 1st Fan Meeting in Singapore. For more photos, please go to Seoul Rhythms’s FB. Photos credited to LEAP Entertainment unless otherwise indicated on the photos.

Unfortunately, I had some technical problem with my video cam that day and the video of the press conference has turned out to be really bad. So I won’t be uploading it… 🙁




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