A Grape Affair

It’s Thursday and if you’re planning a meal out tomorrow night with your friends, you might want to consider Todai. Their current highlight is the Korean grapes.

Todai, Korean grapes 3

For those new to Korean grapes… it’s totally different from the usual grapes that we often eat. Korean grape has gummy-like flesh but tough skin. They are also bigger in size and the ones I had at Todai were gigantic. I kid you not.

Todai, Korean grapes 2

Apparently, there is a right way to eat it- you suck at the grape to get the flesh out. But I’m guessing there is a right way even to suck the grape because try as I might, I just couldn’t get the deliciously sweet, gummy flesh out. Hmpf!

And this being a Grape promotion, it is the star in many of the dishes.

The salads were sweet and crunchy, with just a hint of sour- great as an appetizer or a side dish.

Todai, Grape salad 2

And of course, there are desserts galore:

Todai, Grape Shortcake 2

Todai, Greentea Chiffon 1

Todai, Greentea Mousse 2

Check out some of the promotions ongoing at Todai now:

A) The More, The Merrrier
Eat at Todai with your friends and family, snap a photo, post it on Todai’s FB. The prize? Todai vouchers worth $2,000!

B) Dine and Win Tickets to Korea
Every $100 spent will give you a chance to win a pair of return tickets to Korea, inclusive of 2 nights in Seoul. Two couples will be picked.

The Korean Premium Grape Buffet is available during weekday diner and weekend lunch and dinner.

The grapes are really, really nice.

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