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It’s autumn now and most eateries in Korea will tweak their menu with the change of season. Although Singapore’s weather consists of sunny, rainy and hazy, we can still experience the change in weather via the menu changes. Bibigo is one of them.

This time, they have put the focus on kimchi. Not that it needs that much of focus in my opinion. Kimchi is almost synonymous with Korean food. You can’t really have a Korean meal without kimchi, though the variety can be quite mind boggling.

To start off, here is the very humble and simple Kimchi Pajeon.


Kimchi pajeon
I love pajeons. I like mine slightly burnt to a crisp on the outside but still retaining the softness in the middle. I like it that way with my carrot cake too, which in some ways, aren’t too different from pajeon in terms of texture.

Bibigo’s Kimchi Pajeon was bursting of kimchi taste, a little spicy with a hint of sour but it was not as crispy as I would have like it to be. Or it could be that I spent too much time taking photos and it got too cold. ^^ So, remember to eat it whilst it’s hot.

Two other dishes that’s bound to bring warmth in the cool autumn period. Or the cold office air-con-

Seafood noodle


Kimchi stew


Both are chockablock with ingredients and perfect as comfort food in the cool autumn period (or from the col office air-con). The Kimchi stew is just that little bit more spicy. I prefer the seafood noodle with it’s abundance of ingredients.



The Yuja Ade is a lovely drink to go with your meal.

The wildly popular drama, ‘You Who Come from the Star’, has put the spotlight on Chimek- Korean fried chicken (chicken) with beer (mekjoo). A combination that’s great whether you have it alone or share it with friends. At Bibigo’s, it is actually more chicken nugget rather than the usual fried chicken pieces. Perfect for lazy people if you are not keen to get your hands dirty picking through the bones. It is also a little healthier as they have added vegetables into the chicken meat to give it that crunchiness.

Bibigo- Chimek

The slice of lemon included adds that dash of flavour to it. There are three different dips to go with it- salt, soybean and sweet and sour.


The portion is also less than the typical KFC, so if you are dying to have chimek but not so keen on the calories that come with it, you might to consider having the Bibigo’s version.

Although I do like the sinful version- full fats, skin and bones. Hehe!


Bibigo also has a take away service, so you are too lazy to hit the outlets, you can just pick up the phone and exercise your fingers. Call them at 6604 7718 to find out more.

I was fascinated by this glass. Anyone knows where to get one?


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