Korea trip 2005- Off to see some snow in April -Day 4 (Pt 1)

A reposting of my travel trip in 2005. I missed attending concert in Korea. Wails!

Day 4 (23rd Apr, Sat)-

Have you ever woken up in the morning, with butterflies in your stomach, with the thought, “Today’s the day!” Well, that’s how I felt that morning. Well, 23rd April is the day of the concert rehearsal and we had arranged for a bus which will take us to BOF morning, before proceeding to Yonsei University. For some of the girls, it would be their first visit. We had put posters all around the bus, but again in our excitment, had forgotten to take photos again. Must really be getting old… Anyway, don’t we all look excited? Hehehe!


The sight of the yellow roof and red letterbox always seemed such a welcome sight. It does really look like a home instead of an office. We had bought 2 bottles of champagne for BOF. These are presents from JF, for them to pop and celebrate when the concert is over.


And for BYJ and the managers, the group of us had bought cigars and wine for them. Included were also 2 special framed photos of BYJ’s orchid, taken on the 19th March 2005 at the Botanical Gardens. We hope they would be put up in the office.


Ted is one of the manager at BOF. We had gotten to know him last year when he was co-ordinating BYJ’s trip to Singapore. I hadn’t realise how tall he was. Doesn’t he look handsome? hehe! Quick, he’s still single and young. Anyway, I was really touched that he came out and took a photo with us. This is something that the staff normally do not do as they are busy working and there are too many fans everyday. They were even busier that morning, preparing for the event in the afternoon. So once again, thank you Ted.


We were off to Sinchon after about 45 minutes. There wasn’t much time as we were told to be at Yonsei University by 2.30pm. As we were expecting a large crowd (espeically the Japanese fans) and did not know about sitting arrangement, we decided to be there as early as we could. In other words, we decided to be kiasu. Sinchon is actually home to a few well-known universities. Hence, the fashion and food are good and reasonable in prices. Do spend the afternoon there if you have the time. It is especially a pleasure to look at the various small shops. Lunch that day was this (photo from Cat). Can’t remember what it was called but do remember having it at ChunCheon in my 2 previous visits there.


Basically, chicken, vegetables, rice cake, kimchi etc are fried over this hot plate. Although the food was good, I think the one at ChunCheon was better as I find this a little too oily. The cold noodles was delicious though… We all had to wear the apron. I must say that the red apron with white polka dots is definitely not a fashion statement and make us look like aunties selling vegetables in the market. ^^


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