Crabilicious- Todai’s Alaskan Crab Festival


Todai has been in Singapore since 2009 and the ‘Mother of all seafood buffet’ is as popular as ever. Last year, they brought in the Alaskan golden crab, which proved to be a hit. Singaporeans’ love for the pincers and claws are well known. So they’ve brought back the Alaskan Crab Festival this year with four different types of crabs from the region, including the newbie- King crab.

King Crab, Todai

Most seafood should be cooked simply to enjoy it’s full flavour but it can be a disappointment if it is not fresh. Happily, the King crabs were fresh, sweet and succulent. In fact, I like it even better than the Golden crabs that I had the last time. Yumz.. It was so good that we hardly try anything else on the Todai’s menu. I also loved the oysters, which were plump and juicy- good with just a squeeze of lemon and a touch of tobasco sauce if you desire.

Oysters, Todai

But if the above is not enough for you, here are some more on the menu to tempt all the seafood lovers.

Snow crabs, Todai

Snow crabs
Red crab, Todai

Red crabs
and the Singaporean perennial favourite- chilli crab with the golden buns (the buns were yummy).

Chilli-crabs, Todai

Don’t forget to have a bowl of this very tasty pumpkin soup with crabmeat. It was thick and satisfying with the combined sweetness of the wolfberries, crabmeat and pumpkin.

Pumpkin soup with crab meat, Todai

To keep the menu fresh, Todai has also revamped it’s menu and there were quite a few new items (50 in fact according to the press release) that I’m seeing for the first time, including the cheese section (my other half would be thrilled)-

Cheese section, Todai

the fruit section-

Fruits section, Todai

and the western section (the lamb chop with mint sauce looks yummy but I was too full to have any)-

Lamb chop with mint sauce, Todai

Not new, but I like the pajeon. Just remember to eat it when it’s freshly made, hot off the pan.

Seafood pajeon

I have to say that dessert is not Todai’s strong point but I loved this. Felt like a child as I dipped my mashmellow in the chocolate fountain. Hehe!

Chocolate fondue, Todai

Todai is also having a very interesting contest in the month of August- The Spicy Roll Eating Contest. They are offering a $80 voucher to any contestants who finished all four levels of their spicy rolls. How spicy? Just check out the sweat on one of the contestant. ^^

Spicy roll eating contest, Todai

Well worth the flaming tongue and wet hair..

Winners spicy roll eating contest, Todai

Here are the four different types of spicy rolls, starting from level 1 on the top left to level 4 at the bottom. I never made it beyond level 1….. 🙁

Spicy rolls, Todai

Not keen to try out the four different spicy rolls? Check out the spicy salmon rolls then.

Spicy salmon roll, Todai

The Alaskan Crab Festival is on for the whole month of August but the King Crab is only available during the weekends, with the rest of the Alaskan varieties available on different days.

The Spicy Rolls eating contest is on during both lunch and dinner for on site dinners. Do go and try it out. Check out Todai’s website for more details.

For more photos, check out Seoul Rhythm’s FB

Much thanks to Todai for the kind invitation to try out the Alaskan Crab Festival.

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