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This is a long overdue post, not by Yyan but by me. The last few months have just been exceptionally busy. Much thanks to Universal Music for the kind invitation to Wei Li An- Someone is Waiting for Me Press Conference. Thanks to Yyan for reviewing the press conference as well as the photos and clips. Wei Li An/ 韋禮安 belongs to the same category of singers as Tim, Sung Si Kyung…who can charm the audience with just a guitar and their clear voices.

~Tiffany @ Seoul Rhythms~


Well known Chinese pop singer-songwriter, 韋禮安 (Wei Li An, also known as William Wei/WeiBird) finally made his very first visit to Singapore last weekend.

Started off from publishing his music work on ‘Streetvoice’ (an online music blogging platform) back in 2006 and getting the champion of the CTS variety show “Happy Sunday” (快樂星期天), William had received lots of media attention since then.
At the same time, William was invited to Singapore Hit Awards 2013, where he was nominated and the winner of Best Composing Artiste 2013.

Q: This is your first visit to Singapore, so far how was your impression about this city?
William: As this is my very first visit to Singapore, I personally feel that Singapore seems to be a systematic country. It was partly because our luggage was being arranged nicely at the side of belt at the collection point causes me to feel this way. I have a few Singaporean friends and friends who paid a visit before telling me that Singapore is a clean city, but the weather is hot over here.

Q: We all know that you have a song name “慢慢等”. Are you somebody who likes to wait, or do you prefer to have someone waiting for you?
William: Personally, I do not really like to wait because I could be quite impatient at times. (HAHA) Neither do I like to have somebody waiting for me as I felt that it’s a little waste of time.

Q: Anything in particular that has made you waited the longest?
William: I guess the longest thing which I waited was… waiting to end my military service. (Laughs)

At that point of time, I really hope that it (NS) could end fast so I could get back to the work line and continue to work on my music.
At the same time, William feels apologetic to his fans as he keep making them to wait and he felt that it made him loses the values of his promise.
(William sincerely apologized once again during the interview, where I could tell that he really feels bad in it. It’s okay William! We’re more than happy to慢慢等 for a good work! ):D


Q: Is there any artist/song-writer you hope to work with?
William: Definitely! Actually I do wish to work with other singer-song writer as well. It would be a great chance and exposure to share our individual experience and improves on the areas which I’m might be lacking on. I do hope to work with my good friend ‘LaLa, Xu Jia Ying (徐佳瑩)’on a duet song in the future as well.

Q: There are many news cover reportedly lately that you’re working very hard and tends to get stress and tired easily. Is it true about it?
William: Well, it is true that I’m a little tired recently as I’m working hard on the recordings for my 3rd album and some other work. As I hold high expectations on my work, thus the stress usually comes within me. (Hint: William also stated that his new album would most likely to be released first quarter in coming year!)

Q:  So how do you cope with your stress level?
William: Usually I would request for a short break/vacation from the company. (Laughs)
I like to take a short break and strolled along the beach. Sometimes, I will head back to Taizhong and spend some quality times with my family members.
Alternatively, I would play some ball games with a few friends and exert all my energy. I feel good and relaxed after a good bath and rest over the night each time after a workout. I would highly recommend this method to anyone.

Q: Does it mean that you’re a sensitive person?
William: Yes, I’m somebody who is 多愁善感. (sensitive/emotional)
There was once a reporter who told me that he wouldn’t want to be my friend because he feels that I think too much and it is kind of irritating.(Laughs)
But I guess this is part of the reason which leads me to the path as a singer song-writer too.

Q: Ever thought about what will you be working as IF you’re not a singer-songwriter?
William: Well, I guess I might continue to further my studies. But I would definitely be working freelance jobs relating to music. It has always been a dream job for me to work something related to music and it strikes my passion even further when I’m working on music.
Even though I have no idea how long the passion would last as we all know that there is always a ‘golden period’ for an artist, there is a high chance that I might turn into a music producer at the later part of my life.


Additional Bonus Tidbits from Seoul Rhythms

Q: Is there any particular thing/areas where you feel that you could have done better?
William: Tones of it, especially things relating to music. I hope to produce better music, improved on my lyrics and master my singing. Oh yes! I hope to be a better person too. (Laughs)

Q: Why are you inspirited to become a singer-songwriter? When did this idea cross against your mind?
William: I got to say that everything happened by fate. Being a singer-songwriter did not cross against my mind at the initial stage. It was only when my media company approached me and we decided to give it a try. Everything just flows like this, more like a fate I would say.

Q: I heard that you had filmed a movie name《什麼鳥日子》 (The Bird Who Saved the World) last year. What are your thoughts about filming a movie? Any particular scene where you have the most impression on? Any thoughts about stepping into the acting line?
William: 我這輩子再也不要拍電影了!!! (Laughs)
My first thought was “I would never want to participate in any movie filming, ever in my life! (Laughs)
It was really tiring filming a movie to be honest. I had a better understanding and hold a higher respect for people who are in the acting line after I had the experience of it.
In this movie, there are a lot of scenes where I need to run/cycle on the main road in Taipei and a few Train stations. There is this particular scene over at Taipei Train station where few seconds before the Director shouted rolling, I met a good friend and he was curious about what I was doing there at that point of time. It was funny as all I could reply was “Oh Hi! We are about to about to start rolling” and the very next moment, I have to change my expression and get back into the mood for my movie. (Laughing hard)
As for the current moment, I would hope to spend more time focusing on my music. It might happen that I would step into the acting line in the future, but I shall leave it all to destiny.

Q: I’m sure you had heard about Korean boy band SS501 member, Park Jung Min, where he sang some of your popular songs. You also amended your song (壞人) for him to sing it as the OST for his Taiwan drama (翻糖花園). How does it feel working with him?
William: It was really shocking  for me at first as I do not know that he knows my existence.(HAHA)
I felt really honored that he like my work and it was really a pity that we did not have a chance to interact more. He (Park Jung Min) did send me a few video clips where he was singing my song (laughs) and he was good. I hope there would be a chance for me to know more about Jung Min personally and of course, I would love to write a song for him as well.

Personal note:
William is not somebody unfamiliar to me as I had came across his music few years back as well. (Oh well, I was crazy about Taiwan beforehand…)
It was really a great opportunity to see him in Singapore and get to experience his LIVE singing as well.
My verdict? DAEBAK! =D
He even held a fan-sign event during the weekend as well (I brought my album along too!) and he was friendly and nice to sign any of his old albums where the fans brought along too.
For those who attended William showcase would have agreed that the showcase was really impressive. Arm with just a guitar and mic, William even accepted the fans’ request in singing some other songs on the spot! That’s the difference between an artist and a singer song-writer.
I had an enjoyable time with William though. Thank you for your effort and hope you would continue to create even better music in the future! Hope your 3rd album would be a success.
加油,韋鳥! 화이팅~ ^^

For more photos of Wei Li An, do view it on the album on Seoul Rhythms Facebook Page.
Once again. much thanks to Universal Music Singapore for the chance to cover this event.


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