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Much thanks to JNation Entertainment for the kind invitation to Nu’est’s L.O.Λ.E. press conference and showcase. Credit and thanks to Yyan for reviewing the concert and the photos. Do visit her site polkadotyyan if you want more dosage on all things Korea.
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It’s been 6months since NU’EST (New Established Style and Tempo) last stepped foot into Sunny Singapore and now the boys are back in town for a full-fledged showcase which was held over at Kallang Theatre on 22nd June. (As I had missed the session the previous time when the boys were in Singapore, I was pretty excited to catch their live performance this time round.)


The boys had promised to return with a ‘new’ image and better performance; fans and audience who were present at the showcase were pretty excited and looking forward for it.



NU’EST kicked off the night with powerful dance track ‘NU. Establish, Style, Tempo’, followed by one of the hit track in their first mini-album ‘Action’.

NU’EST took the chance with self-introduction and greetings to the fans after their opening performance. Upon being questioned by the MC on “What Do NU’EST think about Singapore?’, Min Hyun mentioned that girls (fans) in Singapore were really pretty while Ren is grateful to the fans in Singapore for their continuous love and support all this while.

At the same time, the boys revealed that to have a better understanding of Singapore, they actually did a short research on tourist attractions in Singapore. Baekho even mentioned that he was pretty excited to take a photo with the signature Merlion statue, but the plan was cancelled due to the haze problem. (Oh boy, you can come back anytime as I believe the fans are willing to tour you around! =P)

Since NU’EST had promised to have more personal interaction with the fans, the Q&A and game session were indeed another highlight for the night.

JR (Leader) took the lead and randomly picked a post-it message where it turned out to be a message from a fan from Thailand. MC taught JR some Thai words but once he mentioned ‘Sawatdeekraup’, he couldn’t stop giggling about it. One of the Noona (older sister) fan left a note asking Ren if he would date someone who is older than him, taller and darker skin tone than him’; whereupon he shouted out ‘OK’ with a heart sign. The luckiest fan of the night was a Min Hyun bias, whose post-it was picked by Min Hyun requesting for a group photo with the boys and all of them agreed immediately on the spot!





In order to prove that NU’EST had done their homework in knowing more about Singapore, the MC threw in questions like “Famous Hotel with a Spaceship”, “Largest venue with different types of Flowers” and “Tallest Observation Wheel in Singapore”. Both the fans and boys had a fun time shouting out the answers. As the venue filled with excited screaming, Aron had a hard time understanding the name ‘Botanic Garden’ as ‘Titanic’ which led to the fans rolling with laughter.





During the Image Quiz, the boys were revealed secrets of one another. Leader JR was voted as someone who hates to shower, where Aron explained that he (JR) only takes 5minutes to shower everytime. Baekho was chosen as a ‘Playboy’ in the group and the other 4 boys believed that he would get marry the earliest among them. At the same time, members revealed that Ren couldn’t stand injustice whenever something happens while all of them dislike Baekho singing loudly whenever he’s taking a shower. Aron, who was the oldest member in the group, was voted as the one who wakes up earliest among them and someone who loves kids the most.


The boys continued the performance with other songs like ‘Yeoboseyo’, ‘Introduce me To Your Noona’, ‘Hello Hello’, ‘Face’ and ‘Beautiful Solo’. It was a pity that the members did not have a solo performance which I was looking forward to. (well, it was stated as a full-fledged showcase)

NU’EST also performed one of the track that was featured in their latest mini-album, ‘Sandy’, in English! Aron explained that there was a lyrics writing competition that was held few months back and the lucky winner who wrote the lyrics in English was one of the fan sitting among in the audience in the showcase as well.


No concert can end off without an encore, thus the boys came back onto the stage again, walking along the seat aisle and shaking hands with the audience. Fans were delighted as it is the best fan service from the boys they had ever received.

The boys ended the concert with ‘Beautiful Solo’ before commencing a Hi-5 session with all of their fans. Even though the boys were tired after the performance, they still maintained a smile on their face and thanked every fan sincerely.



Since this is my first up-close session with NU’EST, I would like to give credits to the boys for showing a great performance for the night. The ‘live performance’ from the boys was proficient. There was no doubt that they should be considered as one of the TOP 10 Rookie groups that debuted in 2012. Even though this group still have a long way to go, I believed the boys would make it big within the next 5years which was the goal they had set for themselves. I’m looking forward to their new album, which the boys mentioned before ending the showcase as well

Much thanks to JNation Entertainment for extending this opportunity to cover the event.

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