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Samsung seems to have spared no expense in launching their latest phone, Galaxy S4. Besides the usual marketing and promotion blitz, I just found out that they have also asked four celebrities to make a short film, with the theme “Meet a Life Companion”, featurimg of course, Samsung Galaxy S4. Hence, in the films, you will find the characters making use of the many functions in the phone to meet their companion.

Who are these 4 celebrities?

Gu Hye Sun
As most people would know by now, Gu Hye Sun has added writer, director into her resume. Gu Hye Sun started her own company in 2011 and has since directed hher own film under her own company. Although I will almost always remember her in ‘Boys Over Flowers’ and ‘Absolute Darling’. And she is really, really petite in real life.

Her short, entitled, ‘White Dog’  is about a little girl and a little dog (white Dog) and growing up.


I love the the little girl and the puppy (which is absolutely adorable). However, I must admit I found it a little difficult to understand the film totally. Maybe because I don’t speak Korean well enough to order a bowl of bibimbap. Wait, I can order a bowl of bibimbap, but will struggle to order the extras.

Still, watching the film does bring a smile to your face. I especially like the part where the dog was rolling over at the video command of the girl. *Bang!* ^^

Read her interview here.

Kim Nam Gil
(almost) Fresh out of the military, Kim Nam Gil has already produced a documentary, published a book as well as held fan meetings in Japan. He will appear in the movie, ‘The Backwards Guy’ due out in the second half of the year and the drama, ‘Shark’, which will air on KBS at the end of May.

Entitled ‘Hello Mom’, the film starts off with clips of the fast moving fashion industry, possibly in New York/ Paris/ London. It then cuts to the the main character going back to visit her mother in a small little village. The days were spent taking walks, taking photos, shopping in a market, taking photos, having meals, taking photos. Well, the simple things that any mothers would love to do with her grown up, far-away, rarely seen daughter.


I blame it on Mother’s Day, because I actually teared a little at the end of the movie. But it’s not a sad film, just heart warming.

The cherry blossoms in the film were simply out=of-this-world! Read his interview here.

Jung Woo Sung
I never knew that Jung Woo Sung had directed a few of G.O.D.’s music videos. What a surprise! Last year, he also directed and starred in a commercial for the cable, XTM. He will soon be seen in the movie, ‘Çold Eyes’, as the leader of a crime unit.

However, his short for Samsung was of entirely different theme. Entitled, ‘Love’. It is all about that young love- 첫 사랑 (a very common recurring theme in the K Dramaland).


Of the 4 short films, the phone applications used in this was the most creative and fun. Totally in line with the first love, first blossom kind of feel. You can actually feel spring in the film.

Did I mention that the girl’s make up looks dewy and dreamy like Song Hye Kyo’s in ‘That Winter, The Wind Blows’?

Read his interview here.

Yang Ik Jun
Out of the 4 celebrities, this was the most unfamiliar to me. In fact, I had to ask the producer who he was. It turns out that he is probably the most ‘well known’ director and accomplished actor out of the four. Yang Ik Jun directed and starred in the critically acclaimed movie, ‘Breathless’. Although I did not watch the movie, I have certainly heard of it. Perhaps people who are more familiar with K Dramas (like me) would remember him as Han Jae Shik, Han Jae hee (Park Si Yeon)’s brother in the drama, “The Innocent Man’.  Now I’m wondering why he took up such a small role in the drama, even if he was good in it.

Yang Ik Jun’s short, entitled ‘Dance Together’ stars one of my favourite singer- Tim.


The main application used in this film was the translator. I’m not sure if it really works as well as it did in the film but I’ll be very interested if it really does. Maybe Tim should have sang (and have the phone translate it into Japanese? ^^).

One particular shot did frame Tim to be the ‘Kight-in Shining Aemour/ Prince Charming/ Mr Right. Did you see it? Hehe! But this film also had the least scenary, being shot almost entirely in a cafe. I think it is more difficult when you can’t rely on scenary and have to depend on the characters to bring out the story.

Read his interview

I understand the films were being shown in the cinemas in Korea last week. I’m not sure if it’s still showing. Strange that Samsung Singapore has not showed them or even publicised them here. Which film do you like? ^^

Samsung Galaxy S4 short films

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