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I recently saw Yeon Jung Hoon at Jurong Point and posted some photos on my FB. I think he’s cute. Not the young boy cute, but charming, with his dimples (otherwise Ha Ga In wouldn’t have been with him for so many years right?)

Then someone mentioned he looked like an ‘ajusshi’- middle-aged- uncle.. you get the drift.

Really? It didn’t occur to me. But of course Yeon Jung Hoon is already 35 years old (or 36 in Korean age). Quite middle-age.

But I was sure he was in his 20’s not that long ago in Sad Love Story (with Kwon Sang Woo and Kim Hee Sun). He was 27! But wait, that was in 2005.

Some of my friends say that the men (or boys) are getting younger. But my men are all in their 20’s. Youngish… but not that young surely.

When I first started getting into Korean dramas, many moons ago, ‘my men’ were all in the 20’s-

Bae Yong Joon (1972)

This man has practically disappeared for at least 5 years. Crossing my fingers that he will really make a come back this year.

Jang Dong Gun (1972)

By the way, the above photo featured Jang Dong Gun and Ko So Young in the 1999 movie, ‘Love Wind Love Song’. Ko So Young is now his wife. ^^

Lee Byung Hun (1970)

I think he is probably going to stick to his movies..

Lee Seo Jin (1973)

The dimpled man caused many of my friends’s hearts fluttering but I have no idea where he is now.

These men were all born in the 70’sand were in mid- late 20’s when I ‘knew’ them.

Then I added more ‘men’ in my life a little further down the K drama road.. They were also in their 20’s at the time of addition but born *ahem* in the early 80’s..

Chun Jung Myung

Chun Jung Myung still looks very young, even in the recent drama, ‘Glory Days’ which was done after his army. Probably because of his baby face.

Lee Jun Ki

I’ve yet to catch ‘Arang and the Magistrate’. Not too found of ghost stories…

Joo Ji Hoon (1982)

Not too thrilled with his comeback drama, ‘Five Fingers’. But his acting skills definitely there.

Hyun Bin (1982)

Eagerly awaiting his come back project. ^^

And then more men came into my life… still in their 20’s, but errr…now they were born in the late 80’s.

Kim Boem (1989)

He aboslutely stole my heart in ‘Boys Over Flowers’ whereas Lee Min Ho did zilch for me. I blame it on the hair.

No Min Woo (1986)

Loved him in ‘My Girlfriend is a Gumiho’ and ‘Midas’ but cannot bring myself to watch him in ‘Full House- Tale 2’ due to the hair and make-up. Read my post here about hair done the wrong way.

Lee Min Ho (1987)

Didn’t capture my attention in ‘Boys Over Flowers’ or ‘Personal Taste’ but absolutely bowled me over in ‘City Hunter’ and ‘Faith’. Unlike many others, there was no need to show off any muscles or rip his clothes to get me hyper-ventilating.

Jung Il Woo (1987)

’49 Days’, ‘Flower Boy Ramyeon Shop’ and ‘Moon that Embraces the Sun’. Need I say more?

Kim Soo Hyun (1988)

Noticed him in ‘Dream High’ but it was in ‘Moon that Embraces the Sun’ that got me hooked. But Han Ga In and him… cannot lah.

Song Joong Ki (1985)

If you have not seen the drama, ‘Nice Guy’ and the movie, ‘Wolfboy’, I strongly urge you to do so. Really, trust me. All of us were drooling over here.

And then, recently, a guy caught my eye. When I knew him, he was only 9 years old (‘The Way Home’). OMG, I sound like a cradle snatcher! How he’s grown.

Yoo Seung Ho (1993)

Yoo Seung Ho, a veteran actor is only 20 years old, born in 1993 (*gasps*!). Not only is he terribly good looking, he’s also a very good actor. He cuaght my interest, more than Park Yoo Chun in ‘I Miss You’. I shall miss him when he enlists in the army.

Alan Tham, a very well know Hong Kong singer/ actor, claims to be forever 21.

They say that looking at young, beautiful things will make one youthful. Well, I figured I, too, will forever be in my 20’s…because all the men are always in their 20’s when I became interested in them. Wahaha!

How young are you? Hehe!

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