The debut of SKarf

On 14th August 2012, history was made in the Singapore K Pop world when SKarf debuted in Korea. Amongst the members were Tasha and Ferlyn, 2 Singaporeans who were picked during the 2010 JYP/ Alpha Audition. Consisting of 4 girls- Tasha, Ferlyn, Sol and Jenny, Skarf is now officially part of the ever expanding and popular K Pop World. Seoul Rhythms is pleased to have been invited to witness this important moment and is grateful to LittleMissHoo for covering the event whilst she was in Korea. Here is her account. Enjoy and remember to support the girls at the their first ever Singapore fan sign at Bugis+ on 2nd October 2012, 6.30pm. For more photos on their debut showcase in Korea, do check out the album on Seoul Rhythms’ FB.

~Tiffany @ Seoul Rhythms~

“Hello! We are your SKarf”! Yes! that’s the slogan of our latest girls group “SKarf”. Their name indicates the collaboration between Korea and Singapore using “scarf”, a popular fashion item. The S stands for Singapore while the C was switched to K for Korea. The group consists of 2 Singaporeans, Tasha (Leader), Ferlyn and 2 Koreans, Sol and Jenny (maknae).

I’m soooo glad that I was able to attend SKarf’s debut show case in Korea and give them my support. ^^

The showcase was held in Seoul at the King Kong building, ICCHI Art Hall on 14th Aug 2012. Look! There’s the King Kong climbing on the building! It’s the same place where SISTARS held their come back album too.

Posters everywhere 

Giant Singapore – SKarf’s main sponsor. Awwww finally a familiar brand reminding me of the Singapore link.

Sitting together with other media getting ready to take photos, video (with no camera stand) and tweet at the same time! It’s very challenging ^^!… Aza Aza …

Finally the host “Ting Dong” coming out of the stage, getting us ready for the show case!

SKarf sang their 2nd song in the album, “My Love” – A lovey sweet song with quick tempo and catchy rhythms. The girls showed off their steady vocals and strong dance moves.

After their 1st performance, the girls introduced themselves. From left: Ferlyn, Sol, Tasha (leader) and Jenny (maknae).

Interview 1 – With Skarf!

Interview 2 – Show off their hand made Scarf !

SKarf presented their hand made scarf to Singapore Ambassador to Korea – Mr Peter Tan.

A clip showing Tasha’s powerful dances steps. Oh by the way Tasha’s grandfather is Mr Sunny Low, the owner of “Sunny Low Dance Studio”. Her mother is also a dance instructor. She has dancing genes in her, YES she definitely can DANCE!!

Clip : SKarf – CF phone practicing.

One of the media – a representative SK telecom asked a question “Can you demonstrate how to pick up a call?”

I like Tasha’s style! What about you? ^^

What do you think about their title song “Oh Dance”? Away from electronic pop songs and presented with its “warm and bright” approached. The chorus “Oh Dance Ohhhh Oh Dance “ kept repeating in my head even after the show came to an end. ^^ lol

SKarf, together with the management team (Alpha Entertainment) taking a group photo before the end of the showcase.

As a rookie group, I would say they have certainly done well with no hiccups. When I was chatting with Alan, the CEO of Alpha Entertainment, I found out that Tasha and Ferlyn knew very little about Kpop and didn’t speak Korean before joining Alpha Entertainment. The 2 Singaporeans spent 2 years learning Korean language, dance, vocal practice, dieting etc. WOW! and now they speak Korean language so well!…I really the girls will fly high and see them in the variety shows and dramas in the near future!

Want to keep in touch with SKarf? Click on the link below:
Alpha’s Entertainment FB
Alpha Entertainment’s twitter
Alpha Entertainment’s website

It has been about 45 days since their debut and since then, the girls have appeared in various variety programs and music shows. They are definitely working hard. Whilst they are nowhere polished at the moment, they have certainly come a long way since I first saw them.

As everyone knows, it is highly competitive and intense in the Korean entertainment scene. Just look at the number of new groups/ singers/ actors-turn-singers/ singers-turn-actors/ models-turn-actors/ singers etc. For SKarf to succeed, they will need lots of support from everyone and….that little bit of luck. Crossing my fingers and toes for them.

Much thanks and appreciation to LittleMissHo for taking precious time off and making the effort to cover this event. Do check out her site. She’s currently doing research for another book on travel in Korea, so do keep a lookout. ^^

~Tiffany @ Seoul Rhythms~

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