Up Close and Personal with Brian Joo

Amongst all the many artistes coming to Singapore (this is a K Pop/ Korean year), it is inevitable that some events may get drowned out amongst the hype and noice for the bigger mega events. I especially hope Brian Joo;s first concert will get the due support and exposure that he deserves. So here are the details.

Brian Joo Up Close and Personal Concert

Date: 11th October 2012 (Thursday)
Autograph session: 5-7pm
Concert: 8-10pm
Venue: Butter Factory Singapore
Sites to take note: Jig Asia Entertainment FB, Sistic

Ticket details:
VIP: $118
– 1 autographed poster and 1 photo opportinoty with Brian (bring your own camera)
– please email to: enquiry@jigasia.com.sg or andrew@agenda.com.sg for more information.
Standard: $68
– please refer to sistic for more information.

Brian Joo is probably better known as one half of the R&B group, Fly to the Sky, which in my opinion, is one of the best group around with great voices. As I sit here in front of my computer now writing out this post, I’m having a great time listening to their albums. ^^ It puts a smile to my face.

But I think the definitive Fly to the Sky song for me would be the ost from ‘Fashion 70’s’. Yes, it’s one of my favourite drama (Read my review here). What was unusual about this ost was that the theme song- 가슴 아파도” (“Although My Heart Aches) had 3 different versions- as a group, Fly to the Sky and then individually by both Brian and Hwanhee (or Fanny).

In 2009, Fly to the Sky disbanded and both went on to their own individual projects and released solo albums. Brian has released a total of 4 albums so far. It is no secret that Brian has strived very hard to be known as a serious singer and a good vocalist and not just as a rapper. In his first album, The Brian, released in 2005, the song 가지마” (Don’t Go) became a hit. But for me, I love 년을 겨울에 살아 (Living One Year in Winter). You can really feel the emotion in his voice.

Brian’s 2nd album, Manifold was released in 2009. I can’t comment much on this album as I’ve yet to listen to it but I do love his 3rd album, Unveiled which was released in 2011. For those who thought that Brian could only rap, you only have to listen to this song and you can hear his voice soar. Now image him singing this live on stage (will he sing this song live at his concert at The Butter Factory?)

I’m not totally sure I like his latest album, Reborn Pt 1. He’s changed his style somewhat. Now, please don’t throw pots and pans at me. I didn’t say it’s bad..it’s just different. But for a artiste, it’s good to try different style and genere or you will not improve.

But, but… I do love this. Singing acoustic is something not every singer can do…certainly many of the idol singers today may not be able to do it.

Isn’t his voice beautiful?

Now, I guess many of his fans out there would know that Brian and Siwon (Super Junior) are great friends. They also belong to this Christian music group called Third Wave. Besides Brian, there’s also Siwon, Alexander (ex U-Kiss member), Vaness Wu etc. Brian has also been very actively involved in this and raising funds for charity.

And did I say he and Siwon are great fans? Check out this short video tweeted out by Brian himself. Hehe!

Have you bought your tickets yet? It’s on the 11th October at Butter Factory. And oh, DJ Andrew tweeted out yesterday that details will be announced for their next K Pop event on 18th January and you could also win tickets to it.

But don’t go just because you want to win tickets. Go because Brian is a great singer.


I wonder if he will autograph my album. Hmmm…

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