Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour 2012 in Malaysia

Did you manage to get your hands on those elusive tickets in Singapore? Malaysia? No? You are probably not alone.

A total of 12,000 tickets were sold over the weekend when it was launched on 28th July in Malaysia. It’s mind staggering. 12,000 people in a stadium. And yet, many fans were still disappointed. And as with products with high demand, the tickets began to exchange online, behind line, above line and under the line for silly amount of money.

So, to prevent this from happening, the organiser, Running Into the Sun has managed to add extra tickets to the concert and it will be on sale today. The following tickets will be on sale at Ticketcharge and Red Tix.

Category 2 (Premiere Rockpit Freestanding)- RM588
Category 3 (Rockpit Freestanding)- RM488
Category 4 (Fixed Seating)- RM388
Category 6 (Free Seating)- RM198
Category 7 (Free standing)- RM188

Date: 27 October (Saturday), 7pm
Venue: Stadium Merdeka
Sites to take note: Running into the Sun FB

The Malaysia concert will be the first outdoor concert in Asia for Big Bang. It will be one high=high concert. Just imagine…over 12,000 fans cheering, waving the lightsticks and dancing away. How could you not be there? Remember Big Bang is in Malaysia for one night only, so grab those tix quick.

Are you excited to see the boys? ^^

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