B2ST Beautiful Show Tour press conference

It was Beast very first full scale concert in Singapore. And I was excited. Not just because I really like these boys, who are one of the better ‘new’ boy groups amongst the many hundreds of idol groups out there in Korea, but also I was curious to see how far they had advanced since their debut days. I remembered I was impressed enough with them at their very first press conference in Singapore in 2010, also organised by Universal Music Singapore then. It was because of the way they behaved and they answerws they gave which showed of their individuality instead of cookie cutter answers that made me take notice of them.

Would they still be the same 2 years down the road at the press conference for their first concert?

The boys arrived fairly on time, decked out in their ‘spikey’, shiny concert costumes. They looked more matured too.

In reply to the question what was the most memorable part about Singapore, Doo Joon, the leader replied that despite Singapore’s small size, there were alot of fans who were all very enthusiastic. Indeed, Beast has been to Singapore no less than 5 times to Singapore within the 2 years. That’s popularity for you.

Dong Woon showed his mischievous side when Ki Kwang complimented him with the comment that he has the perfect look. Dong Woon made the gesture of ‘more, more compliments, keep them coming’. ^^ Of course, other members were not left out either in terms of compliments. Perhaps next time, the MC could ask what is the one habit they have strange about each other? That would make some interesting answers.

Not many groups dare or are able to do a world tour just 3 years after they debut but Beast view it as a challenge to do so and judging from the response to their concerts in various cities that they visit, they have certainly rose up to the challenge. Although strictly speaking, the boys have spent more than 3 years in the entertainment industry as they came from various groups before forming Beast.

And despite their very busy schedule, the boys are as fit as ever. Their secret? To eat regularly and rest as much as possible (of course, it also helps that they are young).

One of the highlight of the press conference was Dong Woon speaking in Mandarin. He revealed that Chinese was one of his major during university days and lament the fact that he had forgotten most of it. He did remember enough to introduced himself in pretty good Manadarin. However, attempts to induce him speak beyond the introduction failed as he was obviously not prepared. Still, he drew much laughter and applause for that short segment. Perhaps in the next album or concert Beast would be able to sing a song in Chinese as they say they will be ready and willing if the fans should want them to perform a Chinese song.

The press conference was a little short but normal for many of the Korean artistes’ press conference. Still, I wish there was a little more time for these boys to shine during the press conference. Perhaps the next concert in Singapore?

Catch the edited intereview below.

And if you didn’t know, the group’s favrourite song is….

Many thanks to Universal Music Singapore for the invitation to the press conference.

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