Korea trip 2005- Off to see some snow in April -Day 2 (Pt 2)

Samcheok Hospital
The hospital, the focus of the movie. I must tell you that our driver had this strange look on his face when we told him to go to Samcheok hospital. No doubt he thinks we should have our sanity checked for wanting to see a hospital! But seriously, there isn’t much to see at the hospital and we felt really bad disturbing the patients.

The ‘side’ entrance. According to Lina, this was added when they started filming.

The 3rd level where the filming took place. Is this the same bench? I don’t think so. Don’t recall a Taster’s Choice machine in the trailer but oh well, I guess any bench on the 3rd level would do. ^^

You know Singaporeans have always been known for our love for food and so barely less than 30 mins after a full lunch, we were inside this bakery, lured by the cakes, buns and ice-cream. Sigh.. how not to put on weight like that?

Samcheok Park or Samcheok Jukseoru
Jukseoru actaully means Western Bamboo Pavillion. The place is now probably famous for “opening” the filming site to the media on the 8th March. The place where In Su and Seo Yong had a long stroll, where In Su first expressed his feelings towards Seo Yong.

The famous bench. It’s the first one that you come to when you enter the park.

But really, the park is much more than that. It is quiet, peaceful and I was sure I could hear someone playing music somewhere in the park on that afternoon. If you have more time, do make the effort to explore the park. It would be a shame if all you took was a photo of ‘the bench’.

The Motel

This is where In Su got drunk. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to go in.

The Bicycle Pub
This place used to open only at night because well, it is a pub. But now, due to the influx of visitors and fans, the place is open in the afternoon as well. The place, according to happiebb, is also now more heavily adorned with BYJ’ s photos. He also sells some related BYJ stuff. But if you just want to browse, he has about 3 thick albums for you to look through.

Messages for BYJ. Does he have the time read through all of them? I really wonder. But I guess all of us are just holding onto that “just in case” hope.

BYJ, BYJ everywhere you turn…

Does the owner have any time to spin the records now?

The very enterrpising owner, who I think is quite a charcter himself. He has to be, to open such a funky pub in a quiet town like Samcheok.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take a photo of the guitar that BYJ played with, but you can see that in happiebb’s post. BTW, the owner still vividly remembers our dear webmaster, Ros. Wonder what she did…Hmm….

The Cafe
This is the place where BYJ, SYJ and staff had a meeting. It is also part of the filming site. I like the cafe. It has a cosy, warm feeling. I can quite happily spent an hour or so here having a cup of afternoon tea- if I have the time.

Photos of the movie have been put up on the walls of the cafe. Sorry, mine didn’t turn out very well.

Where they sat…

All too soon, it was time to leave. It was about 4pm and by the time we reach Seoul, it would be about 8pm or later.

The town area of Samcheok is very small and all the above places are within walking distance of each other. In fact, the cafe is just outside the park, next to the carpark, where all the buses will park.

I can understand why Director Hur would choose such a location to film this movie. It’s got a quiet charm of its own. But will turn into another ChunCheon/ Nami Island, where BYJ/CJW?WLS posters adorn it at every corner? I always did wonder whether these publicity is welcome by the local residents… 😕

The night ended with more shopping at Dongdaemun. BTW, I think the prices at Doota have increased. Prices are much more reasonable over at Migliore.

Before I end, I must relate this story. Along the way, we saw this LG poster, that was being rotated on the pillar. One of the girl was determind to take a photo with ‘BYJ’. But each time, by the time she got ready, the poster had already ‘went’ past her. So she actually went ‘chasing’ after the poster. But it ended well. She managed to take her photo with him.

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