Wishes for a K-filled 2012

It’s already the middle of January 2012 and in a few days’ time, we will be entering the Year of the Dragon. Whilst I don’t make resolutions for the new year (I never follow them anyway, so why bother? Hehe!), I do have a wish list for a fulfilling K year in 2012. Now, I wonder if there’s any nice fairy godmother out there who will read.

1) Top of my list- ONE good concert by non K-Pop idol group in Singapore
I have mentioned so many times that I would like to watch a proper concert by a singer that I’m sure everyone is sick of it. But seriously, just one…one concert by a good singer(s) would make my day (or year). Not a idol boy band or a girl band. Just a good singer. Please?

2) A good Korean restuarant that serves beyond the usual Korean BBQ in Singapore
There are more and more Korean restaurants- both big and small. They are also in almost all foodcourts now (but most are forgetable and not worth the calories). However, many of these restaurants serve Korean BBQ. I know it’s the national dish but surely they can be just a little more imginative?

3) One good drama
Korea channels seemed to be going big on ‘Flower Boys’ at the moment. We’ve had ‘Flower Boys Ramyeon Shop’, there’s going to be ‘Flower Boys Band’, ‘Dream High 2’ and I’m not sure what else. Most themes/ storylines are the same. But..but.. I may have just found the ONE- ‘Moon Embraces the Sun is proving to be really engaging- mostly thanks to the child actors who did such a brilliant job. Am now eagerly anticipating this. Hope it doesn’t disapoint halfway and I may just have my first wosh granted.

4) Seeing a part of Korea beyond the usual Seoul sights
I’ve been to Korea so many times but except for a couple of trips outside of Seoul, most of them were spent in the never-sleeping city. Whilst I totally enjoyed the shopping and eating in Myungdong, Shinchon etc, I would really love to experience outside the usual (any kind sponsors out there?))

5) Attend one concert in Korea
I attended one concert years ago (really years ago) that I’m not even sure I remember much about it. It would be great to watch a K Pop concert in its homeland. The feel would be different.

6) Seeing more Korean fashion brands being available in Singapore
First, Korean drama became popular overseas, then Korean music started to dominate the airwaves. Will Korean fashion follow? Whatever it is, I would really like to see more Korean fashion labels in Singapore. But at affordable prices please!

7) Lastly- to see my fav actor back in the small screen again
There’s been runmours that he might take up a project again…but those rumours have been swirling around so long, that it’s become cold tea. So whilst he doesn’t need the money (apparently, he’s just gone and open up a restaurant in Hawaii), can someone please tell Bae Yong Joon to hurry up just a little. Pali… please?

Well, those are just a few simple wishes. Nothing too earth shattering, so hopefully I’ll some of them will be fulfilled.

Oh..just one more wish- to strike the lottery. Then I’ll probably get all the above fulfilled. Wahahaha!

What’s your wish list this year?

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