FT Island Autograph session

It’s 2 days to Play! FT Island, their very first proper concert in Singapore. Have you gotten your tickets yet? If so, then there’s another piece of good news for you. You could stand a chance to get their autograph on Monday, 16 January @ City Sqaure Mall. Here are the details:

Date: 16 January (Monday)
Time: 6.30pm
Venue: City Sqaure Mall

Each paid ticket (ie, it is not applicable to complimentary tickets) is entitled to one poster FOC. Poster redemption starts @ 3pm. Overnight queuing will not be allowed, so do take note hor. You will only be allowed to get one of the member’s signature and this will be at random. I think this is fair to all, otherwise, the more popular members will get more requests and of course, this way, more fans can get the signatures. I know, I know, it would be better if it’s all of them but let’s not tire the boys out, ok? ^^

City Sqaure Mall has been the venue for quite a few K Pop autograph sessions in the past- Miss A & CN Blue just to name two. The atrium space is a little small but the good thing about this mall is that those on the higher floors can look down quite easily with a clear view. So, even if you do not managed to get the poster for the autograph, do hang around and you can catch them.

For those not sure how to get to the mall, you can take the North-East line and get off at Farrer Park mrt station, exit 1.

It’s been a while since I saw the boys performed. I love their voices and I’m really looking forward to watching them. Are you? ^^

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