The other day, I heard a familiar music whilst doing my last minute shopping in a store. It took me about 5 minutes to realise that it was one of the song from the drama, ‘All About Eve’.

There and then, I had this strong, sudden urge to dig out my old discs and rewatch this drama.

I know it’s’s more than 10 years old.

The actors don’t really look like that anymore.

And some would say it’s too old fashion though I would disagree. The classic she-loves-him-but-he-loves-her-but-she-loves-another storyline still runs today in almost all the dramas (not just K dramas). However, I must say the amke-up looks dated. Check out the girls’ lipstick…. hehe!

Maybe the drama has made such a strong impression on me because it’s sort of one of my first love? ^^

In any case, here’s the MV (which I has posted earlier in my FB and twitter) of that song. I wonder how many of you watched this decade old drama?

With so many actors-singer and singers-actors and models-actors on the TV scene now, it seems unlikely that Jang Dong Gun will return to the silver screen. Then again, with the addition of 3 new cable stations, even Lee Byung Hun will be doing a new drama soon, so I live in hope. ‘All About Eve’ was Jang Dong Gun’s last drama though he’s very active on the big screen.

Have been really busy for the last one week due increase workload during the festive season. I’ll be sorting out and posting soon about the various concerts and fan meets that I attended and do a recap.

To end the year 2011, there’s Block B’s showcase as well as Alpha Entertainment’s auditions.

It’s been a busy, full year.

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