TVXQ! Asia Fan Party – updated with flight & merchandise details

Update: TVXQ will arrive on 3rd December, 1.45pm via KE643. They will use the normal exit. So do give them a warm welcome on their first visit here.

I know everyone is still recovering from MAMA 2011 (me too) but for cassies, this is THE event to look forward to as it is probably almost a dream come true (well, the dream would be complete if all 5 members stand on the stage together again, but I think that’s conisdered a miracle).

So if you haven’t gotten your hands on those tickets, here are the details:

TVXQ! Asia Fan Party- Singapore

Date: 4th December 2011
Time: 7pm
Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium
Sites to take note: TVXQ! Asia Fan Party FB, Sistic

Ticket details:

Mosh pits- $188
Cat 3- $188
Cat 4- $158
Cat 5- $118

There are 2 mosh pits, so I guess it’s going to be a little more intimate? ^^ Here’s the seating plan.

Tickets are still available as they have released more Cat 3 (seating tickets) recently.

However, if you are young and fit (which I’m not), and you are ok to stand for a couple of hours, you may want to buy your package from Gmarket Singapore, who is one of the officail sponsor for this event. They are selling TVXQ! Fun Party Pack

For $100, you get:
1 TVXQ Fan Party poster
1 Keep Your Head Down cd
1 TVXQ official lightstick AND
1 ticket (mosh pit) to the fan party

I think it’s a very, very good deal as the mosh pit tickets are selling at $188. And you if you are going with friends, 4 fun party packs will only cost you $300. That means it’s juzt $75!. Incredible!

They were offering free delivery service earlier but because it’s too near the concert date, you will have to pick up the tickets and merchandise from the venue, Singapore Indoor Stadium on the concert date itself at their booth. Do check here for more details. Just to add that you have to register with Gmarket Singapore first before buying the party packs.

If you are a true lover of things Korean, you would know that G-Market is a big online auction and shopping mall website based in Korea. G-Market Singapore was set up in 2008 and is done in association with Yahoo Singapore.

Hurry-sales of the Fun Party Pack from Gmarket Singapore ends on 1st December 2011.

As with all concerts, fans are eager to buy the official merchandise. They will be on sale at the concert venue on 4th december 2011 from 4pm to 8pm. Booth is located at the Premier East Entrance (beside Sistic box office). Do bring cash as that is the only mode of payment. Here’s the price list of the merchandise:

1) Poster set: S$20
2) Mini clear file set: S$20
3) Paper bag: S$10
4) Towel: S$25
5) Light stick: S$10

Now with regards to what can be expected at the event itself, there will be some games, 5 lucky fans will also be picked to ask the duo question on stage. Earlier on, the organiser had also run a contest whereby 100 fans will get a chance to meet TVXQ after the fan party and take a photo with them. Are you one of the winners? Check out the list on their facebok.

This will be the first visit to Singapore by Changmin & Yunho so I’m sure they’re both excited about it.

Somehow this song always makes me think of kungfu and I almost expect one of them to go – ‘hee, haw’. Hmmm..

SM Entertainment has been extremely busy in Singapore this year. They started off with Super Junior 3 in January and will end the year with a concert by Girls’ Generation. In between, we have had a concert by SHINee and now this fan party with TVXQ. Can we expect SM Town in Singapore next year? Let’s cross our fingers.

Are you all counting down? ^^

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