Sundown Festival 2011

Into it’s third year, Sundown Festival is back with more Asian acts. As with their original goal of uniting Asian music, Taiwan artistes have been added to the line up this year that will also include Japanese and Korean artistes.

Sundown Festival 2011

Date: 26th November 2011
Time: Door opens @ 5.30pm
Venue: Marina Promenade

Ticket details:
VIP- $48 (Sold out)
General- $138 (free standing)
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Show Luo (羅志祥)
Hebe Tien (田馥甄)
Zang Yun Jing (張芸京)


Teen Top (틴탑)

Promotions and discounts:
1) There is currently a 10% discount for Passion Card holders.
2) Spend $300 @ Square 2 and stand a chance to win a an exclusive poster and a pair of tix (worth $282) to Sundown Festival. More details here.

Meet-and-Greet session

Sundown Festival 2011 Meet-and-Greet session

Date: 25th November 2011
Time: 6.30pm
Venue: Square 2

As in previous years, there will be a Meet-and-Greet session, although not Show Luo and Hebe will not be participating in it. This year, the Meet-and-Greet session is at Square 2, the official mall. Here are the mechanics and details:

1) On 25th November 2011, from 11am to 4pm, the first 150 shoppers to spend $50 will get an exclusive poster for the autographed session.
2) Each artiste (Zhang Yun Jin, ViVid and Teen Top) will autographed 50 posters each.

Flight details:
ViVid- 24 Novmber 11, 1740, JL719
Teen Top- 24 November 11, 2359, KE641
Zhan Yun Jin- 25th November 11, 1235, CI753
Hebe- 25th November 11, 1850, SQ877
Show Luo- 26th November 11, 1235, CI753

Teen Top- 27 November 11, 0130, KE642
Show Luo- 27 November 11, 0720, GE888
ViVid- 27 November 11, 0820, JL712
Zhang Yun Jing- 28 November 11, 1025, CI752
Hebe- 28 November 11, 1220, SQ878

The artistes:

Show Luo-
Show Luo is a veteran in the Taiwan show biz. Though I do associate him with the variety show, 100% Entertainment (娛樂百分百). He’s had quite a few hits and his songs are played constantly on the local radio stations here. Even if you do not know the title of his songs, you would be familiar with them once you hear them. He is also an acomplished actor and have acted in nummerous popular dramas like Outsider II, Corner with Love and Hot Shot 2. In most of these dramas, he is normally the rebellious, ‘bad-boy’ type of characters. In other words, the kind of guys that most women love. ^^ A note of interest. He sang the ending theme song for Outsiders II- Grey Dimensions. This was originally the ending theme song for the Korean Movie, The Classic- Firefly (which I love). Which do you prefer?

Only You (獨一無二)


Better known as part of the girl group. S.H.E., Hebe started her solo activities in 2010. Whilst part of the girl group, I did not notice her as much but since going solo, I realised she has an incredibly clear voice. In her latest album, she dedicated the song, ‘You'(妳)’ to her fellow group mate, Selina, who suffered serious injuries whilst filming in 2010. What do you think? I would request her to sing this song if possible. It’s a beautiful song.


Zhang Yun Jing
Zhang Yun Jing broke into the Taiwan entertainment scene in 2008 by winning thee first season of the talent show, Super Idol (超級偶像). She gained much attention for her androgynous looks and voice. In an industry where almost everyone looks and souns almost the same, it was a refreshing change. Perhaps that is the reason why she became popular very quickly. Her main song Black Dress (黑裙子) for her first album, Unprecedented (破天荒) was a hit on the airwaves. The boyish singer who is normally in pants wore a black skirt especially for the mv. I certainly enjoyed listening to her songs and I think those at the festival would too.

Broken (壞了)


I must admit I know absolutely nothing about Japanese Visual Kei rock and of course even less about the group ViVid. But that’s the beauty about a music festival that involves music from other generes and countries. You learn more about them. So here’s an interview that was done in 2010 when they were in Paris to perform, at the opening of Japan Expo. Whilst it’s not exactly my kind of music, they are great performers and I’m sure their fans are thrilled that they are here in Singapore to perform as J Pop seems a little neglected nowadays



This would be Teen Top’s second visit to Singapore as they were just here in July for the Korean Music Wave. Of all the groups performing at the Sundown Festival, Teep Top is the yougest, both in terms of age and as an entertainer sa they only debut as a group last year. Signed under Andy of Shinhwa, their first song, Supa Luv had Eric of Shinhwa lending a helping hand by appearing in the mv. But I’m guessing they will probably sing their main song from their latest album, Roman. Haiyoh, they are all so young.

No More Perfume On You (향수뿌리지마)

So there you have it, the 5 artistest that will be appearing at 2011 Sundown Festival. And oh, if you are keen to catch them after the Sundown Festival, the resident DJ/ Event Manager of Butter Factory, Andrew Teo has already tweeted that there will be an after party there, so you might just be able to glimpse your favourite artistes there dancing away….except for Teen Top, who are underage. I told you they are young.

Ok, tickets are still available via sistic, so go get the tickets if you want to see them perform live. Food will also be sold at the festival. It sounds like fun. Now let’s hope it doesn’t rain. Hmm…

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