Miss A Singapore Showcase- Press Conference

Sorry the above photo is a little blur. It was taken off my clip of their entrance as neither me nor J, who was helping me with the photography managed to take any decent photos of their entrance. J was on the wrong end of the room. 🙁

The press conference was held @ Hard Rock Hotel, Resorts World Sentosa on the morning of 30th September. The hotel was of course the official hotel for Miss A (I have nothing against RWS/ Hard Rock Hotel but I do wish it was easier to get to…)

After attending upmteenth press conferences, I was wondering… would it be ONE BIG yawn? (Yes, though it was hard to believe, some press conferences were really, really boring). Luckily, I didn’t fall asleep. The atmosphere was warm and friendly enough with some funny moments. ^^ I think it helped that both Jia & Fei speak Chinese and Min of course speaks English. Even Suzy speaks a smattering of Chinese as we would find out later.

(Those of you following my twitter would know that I had attended the rehearsal the night before. It was great to see the girls practising hard. Wish I could post some photos of the girls in casual wear. Unfortunately no photography or video taking was allowed).

And then it was opened to the media to ask questions with the first question on all about legs… ^^

I guess this reporter didn’t know that Miss A had just released their Chinese album on the day of the press conference. Have you listened to it? It’s actually pretty good. Check it out here and here.

Jia & especially Min provided much laughter on McDonald’s and Chinese.

Unfortunately, I had accidentally missed recording down Jia’s and Fei’s answers for the question on their favourite song…so to make up for it..I’m posting a couple of photos of the two pretty girls.

I think Jia was really puzzled by Ken’s gesture of ‘touch wood’. I don’t think she understood what it meant or signify…And though Min’s shoe didn’t fall off at the showcase, her hat did. ^^

Both Fei and Suzy were a little quiet. I guess for Suzy, it was a little more difficult for her as she speaks mainly Korean. But she is really very sweet..

And I find Fei very sophisticated and matured…even though she is only 24!

The girls (except for Suzy) had a chance to visit Universal Studios as well as did some some shopping the day after the showcase. I’m sure they must have been happy with the trip this time as well.

And finally, their last question for the press conference..their most memorable moment.

And that was the end of the press conference. It lasted about 20 minutes. Not very long but it was too short either (some press conferences lasted about 10 minutes!).

I wish Suzy had spoken more but she gave me the impression that she was a rather shy girl. And Fei too of course. With the launch of their new Chinese album, I’m sure the girls will be very busy in the coming months.

Miss A Singapore Showcase must be one of the most heavily ‘sponsored’ and ‘supported’. Look at the number of official logos…

Before I end this post, one last photo….

(Credit: Kim Jinha)

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