Miss A Special Showcase Singapore 2011

To end off the month of September, we have the first ever Miss A showcase in the world, hapening right here in Singapore, brought to you by Alpha Entertainment. Isn’t this exciting? Singapore is certainly shaping up to be a very ‘hapening’ place. ^^

If you have already bought your tickets, good for you. If you have not, I would suggest you do so soon as 80% of the tickets have already been sold. And here are the details:

Miss A Singapore showcase

Date: 30th September 2011
Time: 7pm
Venue: Max Pavillion, Singapore Expo

Ticket details:
1) Category A/VIP (Available = 500 Seats): $200
Promotion for Alpha members: $180

You Get:
– Limited edition plastic Miss A picture card as ticket.
– Additional limited edition Miss A picture card.
– A copy Miss A CD (150 copies will be signed by all members of Miss A to be given away randomly. Only available to Category A/VIP)

2) Category B (Available = 616 seats): $120
Promotion for Alpha members: $80
Promotion for PAssion card holder: $84

You Get:
– Limited edition Miss A picture card as ticket.

3.0. Category C (Available = 2000 seats): $100
Promotion for Alpha members: $70
Promotion for PAssion card holders: $80

You Get:
– Limited edition Miss A picture card as ticket.

Other promotions:
Corporate discount of $20 off for both Cat B and Cat C for students of MDIS, Katong Hostel and SAF serviceman.
All transactions are via cash payment only.

Ticket venues:
The staff of Alpha Entertainment has been selling the tickets since 22nd August at the Annyeong Seoul Fair @ Bukit Panjang Plaza. They have since be moving around between MDIS (which is the official audition venue) and Scape. For the next few days till 24th September, they will be at the following places and time:

SCAPE (click here for here for directions)
Location: Alpha booth in front of information counter.
Date and Time : September 16th (Fri: 6 pm to 9 pm), 17th (Sat: 1 pm to 5 pm), 23rd (Fri: 6 pm to 9 pm) and 24th (Sat: 1 pm to 5 pm)

MDIS (click here for here for directions)
Location: Canteen (or wait for further information on the ay itself)
Date and Time : September 20th (Thu: 10 am to 2 pm)

Seoul Restaurant (2nd Floor Chijmes), 30 Victoria Street #02-01A; Tel: +65 6338 8548.

Email to Alpha Entertainment : ticket@alphaent.com
Email to Seoul Rhythms: tiffany@seoulrhythms.com
Email to SG K-Wave: missa@sgkwave.com

Note: Alpha Entertainment will stop selling the tickets from 25th September 11 to concentrate on the showcase. They will entertain overseas transfers and enqueries. For local residents, you will have to buy through their partners like Seoul Restaurant @ Chijmes, SG K-Wave and of course Seoul Rhythms.

Miss A Singapore showcase special:-
Miss A will sing about 9 songs and play 2-3 games with the fans.
They will also perform ‘Help Me’ for the first time ever anywhere, just for this special showcase.

Arrival & Departure details:
Arrival- 29th Sep, 2.15pm, SQ 603
Departure- 1st October, 11.55pm, SQ 602

And here’s a little message from the lovely Miss A

 Here’s their live performance on Mnet


And the original MV


Personally, I really like their latest album and I know they have received rave reviews for the album. It would be good to see them perform live the songs from their latest album. ^^

Look for for contest to win tickets to their showcase next week on Seoul Rhythms, courtesy of Alpha Entertainment.

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