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It was all a flurry of activities since this morning as my twitter timeline was constantly updated with news and information about the 10 bands arrival times in Singapore. Finally, it would seemed that all of them are here and some of them are actually rehearsing at teh stadium now as we speak. Although the organiser, Prooflabel did not announced the flight details, many of the artistes themselves tweeted the information and updates. And of course the ever resourceful fans too. Hehe! So what were some of the tweets?

Taefung of X-5 @ about 3am
정말 힘든하루엿어요 ㅋㅋㅋ 싱가폴공연 리허설이 지금 끝낫어요 막 호텔에 도착 싱가폴팬분들도 늦은 시간까지 계셔주셔서 정말 감사해용 감동이에요 흑흑 ㅠㅠ 내일 있을 공연 기대해주세여 모두 굿나잇!!! 뿅 (It’s been a really hard day. The rehearsal for Singapore’s show has just ended. Arrived at the hotel now. Really thankful and grateful to Singapore fans for staying so late. Looking forward to tomorrow’s performance) -Err…this is translated with my limited Korean…but it’s roughly there lah.

Kevin Woo of U Kiss @ about 1.30am
Arrived at Singapore and now at the hotel getting ready to sleep~ Can’t wait to see you guys tonight at the KMW! ^^

Dongho of U Kiss @ about 1am
여러븐 굿나잇잘자용ㅎㅎ 大家晚安~~~ Good night~ sweet dream~~ (he’s sleeping early^^)

Lee Hong Ki of FT Island uploaded a video clip with the Conrad Bear and an Angry Bird toy (well, you know where they are staying)

Min of Miss A tweeting about her arrival in Singapore @ about 12.30am
Arrived in Singapore. Yay!

InJun of The Boss/DGNA wanting to eat delicious food when he arrived in Singapore
싱가포르에 도착했어요~~~~!!!!! 맛있는 음식 먹고싶다~~~~ (Arrived Singapore … I want to delicious food)

And here are some photos taken by the Korean press of Big Bang leaving for Singapore at Incheon Airport. Credit to IBIGBANG

And here’s a fancam of Dara (2NE1) and Big Bang 2 Incheon Airport leaving for Singapore. Credit:


Zin of X-5 @ about 1pm (14 Jul)
We are going to Singapore now

And many more. The power of twitter and internet. ^^ I guess all of them should be resting at the hotel now.

And in case you were too busy to read the organiser’s FAQ, here they are:

About the concert
The queue will commence at 2 pm on 15 July 2011 (Friday). There will be no overnight queuing.
The doors to the venue will open at 6 pm and the concert will start at 7.30 pm sharp.
For mosh pit ticket holders, Pen A entry will be via Premier East entrance and Pen B entry will be via Premier West entrance.
There will be standard bag checks conducted at the door. Camera rules will be as per standard SIS rules.
No professional cameras including DSLR camera, camcorder or video camera are allowed into the venue.
Anyone found with a DSLR within the concert grounds will be asked to delete all photos taken at the concert venue and to deposit their cameras at a designated counter. Proof Label will not be responsible for any loss of items.
Fan boards, if any, are expected to be kept to a maximum size of A4. Objects that might cause obstruction of view to anyone are strictly discouraged. This includes, but is not limited to banners, balloons and large fan boards. Any items deemed obstructive by the security at the door will not be allowed into the concert venue.
No food and drinks are allowed into the concert venue.
The nearest car park is Carpark E. Parking will be at $6.00 per entry.
If members of the audience are feeling unwell at any point of time during the concert, they are advised to approach any security staff nearby, who will in turn inform the medical personnel.
There will be a gift deposit counter located at the first floor opposite the Sistic box office. All gifts should be labeled with the intended recipients’ name and band name.

The official merchandise booth will be located at the first floor next to the Sistic box office. Merchandise sales starts at 1 pm.
All ticket holders have to show their ticket stubs to purchase official merchandise.
Every ticket holder should only present one ticket stub. Mutiple ticket stubs per person will not be accepted.
Every ticket holder, who should be holding onto one ticket stub, will be entitled to one item from each product category only. (For example, one ticket holder is entitled to one file and one light stick.

I guess that’s all for the moment. Those who have yet to buy the tix, you can still get via Sistic. Are you ready?
















ONE is the official channel

Sarang is the official restaurant. Hmm… I wonder if any of the artistes will be at the restaurant?

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