Seoul Rhythms on mobile mode

I’m constantly amazed by all this new lesss because I’m actually an IT idiot. I’m also one of those who hate to read instructions. It’s a wonder that I actually managed to get my site, facebook and twitter set up at all. Hehehe!

Anyway, here’s a heads up to those who read my postings on your super smartphones.. you can now read it on mobile mode. Basically, it means you will just read the postings without having to look at the whole site, which may take a long time to load if the connection is slow (goodness knows the number of times I gave up loading a site). And if you have a iphone, ipad, you will find it even more of a blessing as apple no like flash and more often than not, the site will hang.

Just load up my site address on your smartphone. At the bottom of the page, you will see the words – Mobile Theme. Switch to the on mode and voila! I like it very much.

Still fine tuning this site (with another 3 more to build) so bear with me. ^^

Will be back about Beast and Kim Hyung Jun’s fan meet…. as soon as there’s more news and infor…..

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