The Best 2011 Rain Asia Tour in Singapore (updated 19 May 2011)

Best 2011 Rain Asia concert- Singapore

Faith n D Entertainment released new infor with regards to Rain’s concert today (16th May 2011)

Finally, finally, the information for Rain’s Singapore concert is out and fans can start planning.

Here is the necessary information for the concert to be held on the 22nd May 2011.

Date: 22nd May 2011
Time: 7pm
Approx duration of concert: 2.5hr
Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium
Ticket pricing: S$288 (seated & mosh pits), S$268, S$238, S$168, S$118

Priority ticket sale for OCBC credit/ debit cards
Ticket sale date: Friday, 29 April 2011
Venue: Bugis Junction Shopping Mall SISTIC Booth
Time: Sale starts at 3 PM
A total of 1,000 Mosh Pit Tickets (Pan C) will be on sale – ONLY for OCBC Credit and Debit Card members.

Mosh Pit (Pan C) is right in front of the stage, but it is free standing, so be prepared to stand for more than 3 hours (by the time you queue up to go in)

Ticket sale date: Saturday, 30 April 2011 to Monday, 2 May 2011
All categories tickets can be bought from SISTIC via internet booking or SISTIC booths.

For OCBC priority bookings, each person may only buy 4 tickets maximum.

Public ticket sale
Ticket sales open to general public from 3rd May 2011 via SISTIC.

Here’s the seating plan.

Rain SG concert 2011 seating plan

Merchandise will be on sale at the indoor stadium on 22 May. Unfortunately, due to logistics problem, the official lightstocks will not be on sale. So if you are keen on having a lightstock, check out other sources. For overseas fans who need help in getting the tickets, please email to

Whew, that’s the logistics out of the way.

Now some infor about the concert according to the press release. And it looks pretty impressive.

The production cost more than S$1.5 million (on par with the production costs for Super Junior SS3 held in Singapore recently). In line with Rain’s concert standard, the props are custom-made and the long runway is especially built for Rain, no doubt at his request. That is one reason why it is possible to have 3 sections of mosh pits.

There will be the usual laser show (state-of-the-art of course), which I think is also normal with his concert.

What caught my attention was the following from the press release:

“Rain expressed that he wanted to promote environmental protection through his concert. The Best 2011 Asia Tour therefore features a distinct “green” theme; the Asia Tour communicates a specific “green” message for each of the country that Rain performs. At the Singapore league, Rain will promote water conservation.”

So not only is his concert going to have a theme, but it will be a meaningful one at that. Did he choose water conservation because it is important to Singapore? Hmm… I wonder. But more importantly, how will this theme translate into action at the concert?

Well, first of all, fans can look forward to watching 2.5minutes of falling rain at the concert, using 1,000 litres of water for this special effect. Wow!

Thereafter, the water will be recycled and used to water plants. ^^ I’m really glad that not only will the concert be entertaining but it will also be meaningful. Perhaps all concerts should be this way?
In conjunction with tis special water conservation theme, Faith n D Entertainment is working together with PUB to convey the message across. Here’s the message from Mr Chong Hou Chun, Director of PUB (Public Utilities Board).
“We are glad that a pop icon like RAIN is supporting water conservation.

Under the tagline “Every drop counts, Use only what you need”, this year’s awareness programme shines the spotlight on two of the highest water consuming activities at home. By
shortening the duration of water usage, we can save 9 litres of water per minute in the shower and 8 litres of water per minute in the kitchen sink. Every drop that we save adds up. Simple acts such as installing thimbles in taps and shower heads at home can help each person save as much as 3,600 1.5-litre bottles of water a year.”

And here’s the water conservation message direct from Rain, himself (thankfully, it’s not dubbed this time).
Now I’m really curious and excited to find out how the concert will turn out. I wonder if those standing in the mosh pit will be ‘blessed’ with the rain. Hehe!
I believe this should be from his 2006 concert in Seoul.
Rain is well known as a great performer and I have no doubt this coming concert will showcase his abilities to the max. It will also probably be his last concert before he enters the army. So if you are his fan, then you probably shouldn’t miss his concert. And if you are not his fan and wondered why is all women are swooning over him (including my Korean teacher back then)…just watch the clip below. hehe!
And here’s Rain’s greetings:
I wonder why they dubbed his greetings into Chinese. None of the other greetings by other stars were ever dubbed. The whole point was to listen to their voices. I don’t know. Perhaps they felt it would be better since most people would not understand Korean. But that’s why translation is for. Hmm… it is a shame not to listen to his voice. I’m sure he could speak English if asked to. Oh well….
And guess what, there will be other stars in the audience too. Yes, 2PM and Jackie Chan will be amongst the audience. Will they go on stage? Well, if the organiser announced it, then yes, I would say so. I’m not sure what they will do though. Apparently Jackie Chan presented flowers to him at Rain’s 2009 concert in Hong Kong. Watch the fancam here.
So will 2PM and Jackie Chan perform together? My take is that they will not do a full song but may just sing a few lines togther. Afterall, they are not official guests. But, fans shouldn’t buy the tickets to Rain’s concert just to watch 2PM or Jackie Chan. They should just view it as a bonus. Afterall, this is Rain’s concert. Actually, it will be his last concert before he enters the army at the end of this year. And err…get this, Rain supposedly does not know about his special audience guests. Hmmm…is this an ‘open’ secret then?
Want to win tickets to the concert?

– From now till 19th May, dine @ Sarang and stand a chance to win a pair of tickets. Sarang is the official restaurant for Rain’s concert 2011 (Does that mean he will be eating there?)

– Email to with name, IC, contact. Indicate: 索取Rain演唱会门票. Deadline 20 May, 12 noon

– Dine @ Todai Singapore and you stand to win one of 3 tickets to watch Rain’s concert. Contest only open to diners for Thursday (19 May) and Friday (20 May) dinner and Saturday lunch (21 May)

To kick start this water conservation theme in Rain’s concert, the organiser Faith n D will offer 10% discount off the ticket price to any fans who turn up at the sistic booths from 17th May 2011 onwards.
This special discount is only offered to:
Cat 6 @ S$168 (U.P. S$238)
Cat 7 & 10 @ S$108 (U.P. S$168)
To have a better idea of where these seats are, check out the seating plan above or sistic’s site.
OCBC cards holders get a 12% discount on the tickets, whilst Passion Card Holders, Singapore Polytechnic and Nanyang Polytechinc students get a 10% discount (T&C apply, check Sistic for more information.
And finally, for those in the mosh pit, you stand a chance to be selected by Rain to go on stage for special ‘fan service’. This includes hugs (lots of it apparently), serenading and probbaly presents.
Now, that would be one priceless experience. I hope the fans won’t get too excited and star throwing dangerous objects just to get his attention (*thinks in horror of what happened to SuJu members during their concert).
Btw, Rain will be arriving and departing via the VIP terminal, so no need to go airport to stalk him. Just go tot he concert…
This concert is jointly organised by Faith & D Entertainment, J Tune Entertainment and CJ Entertainment Korea. Do refer to Faith & D Entertainment’s FB and twitter for more updates.
Get ready your raincoat on 22nd May

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