Guess who’s coming to the Quest concert contest

You do know that Quest is organising a concert right? You mean you haven’t been following them on their facebook or twitter? Hmmm..where have you been? ^^

Yup, Quest, the people who brought you Zuno’s showcase and JYJ will be bringing you a K Pop concert. Yes, sometime soon. Now to make it more interesting…Quest wants YOU, the audience, the reader, to guess who will be coming for this concert.


There are 4 groups.

Yes, that’s all the clues they have given. Difficult? Maybe…maybe not, if you have been paying attention. Hehe!

To join the contest there, just go to their facebook, make your guesses on their wall. The first 3 people who guess 3 out of the 4 groups correctly win a copy of ‘Zuno’s Secret Dairy’ dvd (can see Zuno, his parents and Junsu in it). The first person who guess all 4 groups correctly win a copy of ‘Zuno’s Secret Diary’ as well as an autpgraphed poster by a top male group (this one really well known one).


Contest ends when Quest announced the 4 groups, which should be before 9th March. For more information, just go to their facebook. All the rules are there. Do remember to check their facebook & twitter often. I think answers will be revealed soon.

Now, on Seoul Rhythms.

The very nice people at Quest have also give me copies of the ‘Zuno’s Secret Diary’ dvd to give away for a sinmilar contest on this site. Wheeee!!!

And I’m really excited, coz it will be the first contest organised here.

So, Seoul Rhythms will be giving away something extra as well.

In addition to the dvd, the 3 winners will also get a copy of Asta TV from any of the following issues:

1) Asta TV, Nov 10, JYJ

2) AstaTV, Dec 10, Jang Geun Suk

3) Asta TV, Jan 11, G Dragon & T.O.P.


How to enter:

1) Email your answer to

2) Indicate your choice of the magazine
1)- Nov 10, JYJ
2)- Dec 10, Jan Geun Suk
3)- Jan 11, GD & TOP

Things to note:

– You can enter both the contests here on Seoul Rhythms or Quest but you will only be allowed to claim your prize from either one.

– Contest open to residents of Singapore only.

– Contest ends when Quest annonces the groups on their facebook

– Winners will be picked randomly

Przies are courtesy of Quest and Seoul Rhythms ^^

Those interested in getting the Asta TV magazines or other magazines, please refer to Seoul Shopping for further selection.

For quick updates, do check out my twitter or facebook

Good luck!!!

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