Super Show 3 Live in Singapore

I came away from the concert impressed and very satisfied.

It was professional……

It was sexy….

And most of all, it was funny….

Will be back later with more photos and postings. In the meantime, if you are sitll hesitating whether to go for the concert tomorrow,


It was a full 3 hours concert and worth the money spent.

Running into the Sun has just announced on their FB that there will be a 20% discount for tomorrow’s concert tix. On sale at sisitc till noon.

There are also official goods on sale, though I’m not sure if some of them have been sold out.

And oh… if you are there early, be sure to stop by F&N’s booth there, near the North Entrance. Can sample their drinks plus get a fun pack -consisting of disposable raincoat (which is great in this rainy weather) and a mat. They will be there from 10am to 2pm. And from 2pm to 4pm, the F&N team will be going around helping to snap photos with their polaroid camera.  So go a little earlier and have fun.























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