I Love Asia Pop- Mnet Ultimate Live update

Edited on 2nd December

Launch Group has updated the I Love Asia- Mnet Ultimate Live FB with regards to the queuing system for the concert. Just like all other events, there is no perfect system that will please everyone. So just accept whatever system that Launch Group has planned and enjoy the concert. And please note…the concert is at Singapore Marina Bay Sands Exhibition Hall E, so they are giving out the queuing tags at MBS.

This is the line-up of the performances that night:
Miss A

For thos who didn’t read my previos post on their flight details, click here Tickets are on sale at Sisic.

Queuing system for Mnet Ultimate Live on 4th December
7am – Official issuing for colour tags to start. Proceed to Level 1 of Expo Hall. This will be the only entry point.
Until 9am – Colour tags to be distributed in order of first 1000.
1.30pm – Official queue & priority queue will begin.
4pm – Blue Zone & Priority Queue to enter.
4.20pm – Yellow Zone to enter.
4.45pm – Public to enter.

Colour Tags
Blue Tags: 1st 500 Fans
Yellow Tags: 2nd 500 Fans
– All issued tags will have their sistic ticket punched.
– If you lose your colour tags, you will have to join the public queue.

No immediate queuing will be allowed after collection of colour tags. All public are urged to come back only at the official timing to queue in their respective colour zones.

Official Queue Lines for all 3 zones will start at 1.30pm. Those with colour tags, you are to queue in your respective colour zone. Those without coloured tags, you are to queue in the public zone.

No overnight queuing is required. Please rest assured that even if you are not the first 1000 pax with the colour tags, there are still plenty of good view and space within the venue. Layout of stage is specially designed for a closer view between you and the artistes.

Conditions for colour tags
Tickets must be brought in person for exchange of colour tags. One colour tag to one person. If you have 4 tickets but only 1 person queuing, you will only be allowed to have 1 colour tag. Please have your wrist tag properly tag on your wrist before coming down at 1.30pm.

Entry to redeem COLOUR tags at 7am will be through escalator located on Level 1 facing & nearer to HALL B.
There will be signages to direct you if you’ve forgotten which escalator.

Reminder: We strongly urge public not to bring in cameras/camcorders so as to faciliate a faster queue entry.

I believe priority & media have a seperate queue and they will have access to the better section in the mosh pits. However, if the pits are not filled up, then 30 minutes before the concert, they will let the normal ticket holders go in. This was as far as I remember how the dea; goes but it’s difficult to retrieve the older postings, so I hope I didn’t this wrong.

Launch reposted the queuing system but without all the small details like their earlier post. So except for the change in time, I’m assuming everything remains the same.

And now, the details for the various fan meets.

Date: 4th December 2010
Time: 1050am -1115am
Venue: IMM Garden Plaza

First 200 fans to produce a paid/valued Mnet Sistic Ticket will be allowed to meet Miss A for photograph session in groups of 10pax. Btw, Suzy will not be at the concert as she is busy filming her movie.

There will be two queues, one for Miss A & one for MBLAQ.
Miss A will be donating an Autograph Poster to the Disabled People’s Association for an auction at a later date.

ARTIST: MBLAQDate: 4th December 2010
Time: 10am – 1045am
Venue: IMM Garden Plaza

FIRST 150 fans to RSVP to wmsregional@gmail.com will receive ALL 5 MBLAQ members’ signature, face-to-face! (RSVP based on First-Come-First-Served basis)

Require BOTH:
A) The Mnet Ultimate Live in Asia (MULA) Concert Ticket AND
B) The MBLAQ Asian Special Edition Album [Singapore Version]*

I read that Warner Music has already started emailing to successful fans, so I doubt if there’s any more to give away.

IMM will allow queuing at the pathway.The venue will be opened at 830am.

Date: 3rd December 2010
Time: 730pm -830pm
Venue: IMM Garden Plaza

First 150 fans to produce 2PM’s “Still 2:00pm Singapore Version Mini Album” and a paid/valued Mnet Sistic Ticket will be allowed to meet 2PM for autographs.

IMM will allow queuing at the pathway from 2pm onwards.
We will open the venue at 5pm.
No entry via the Mall.

Sony Music will be giving out 150 posters for the lucky fans for autograph.

2PM will be donating an Autograph Poster to the Disabled People’s Association for an auction at a later date.

Please note:

All Mnet tickets holders will be allowed into the Sky Garden only (tickets with 0.00 value or valued) but only those with value tickets (which means those tickets that you bought from sistic).

Wow! I can forsee lots of young people on the move. Good worl for dispersing the crwd at the concert venue. Hehehe!

And oh, finally, official merchandies on sale at the concert itself. Bring cash!

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