JYJ showcase in Singapore- serious after thoughts

I hesitate to write this as I’m afraid I will have thousands of fans hurling ‘f’ words and ‘d’ words and whatever words at me. But after following this event (though not exclusively) for the last 2 weeks, perhaps I should put in my 5 cents worth of opinion?

Frankly, I think the Singapore showcase shouldn’t have been included, especially at such short notice.

The organiser didn’t have enough time to prepare it properly.
The artistes themselves are tired (3 shows in 3 different countries in 3 days!)
And the artiste management did not have time to think through many things.

In short, there really isn’t enough time.

I think if they want to do this whirlwind tour thing, it has to be spaced out so that everyone has time to prepare and recharge.

The 3 boys arrived from Bangkok at 1pm. They probably reached the hotel at about 2pm? The press conference started at 4.15pm and the whole thing (including ‘exclusive’ interviews with main media) ended by 5.30pm. Just a little over an hour.

Now, if the fans feel short changed about the showcase, if it makes you all feel any better, the media was affected as well at the press conference. The media was only allowed to ask 5 questions. Hmmm… Obviously, everyone was frustrated because with such short time and limited Q&A, your Straits Times, your Wan Bao, your Xinmsn, your Razzor TV and even this humble little blog here have no news angle to write.

I heard they left the hotel at 6pm. I’m not sure if they had time to eat. If you calculate the time, they probably arrive at Expo at about 7pm, giving them only about an hour to rehearse and do last minute sound checks. Which was why the doors opened late.

I think in this instance, what would have helped to pacify the thousands of fans waiting cluelessly outside, would be some sort of announcement by the organiser about the status. The lack of communication probably frustated alot of people. Because if the fans knew that JYJ were being professional and practising very hard to ensure a good showcase for their fans in Singapore, they would have been quite willing and happy to wait.

But perhaps it was a little too ambitious to have the showcase starting at 8pm? I think 9pm would have been more realistic?

As for the rest of things that did or did not happen, I can’t really comment as I have no real information and am not involved. But I believe the artiste management normally has the final say in many matters. Not necessarily the artistes themselves but their managers etc. But then, these managers are paid to make decisions that they feel are in the best interest of the artistes…so….

Anyway, back to my original conclusion, like I said, I think the Singapore leg should not have been added at such short notice. And I think my video cam agreed with me, because it failed to record the precious first 60 seconds of the first song. So, this time round, unfortunately, I will have no clip at the showcase to share with you all. πŸ™ However, I believe there are already quite a few fan cams up on youtube already.

But if the Singapore tour did not happen, would the fans at the Expo tonight be just as unhappy as well? Hmm…food for thought. So I think the important question is… did you enjoy yourself, did you enjoy seeing them?

I really like the song from Sunkyunkwan Scandal and I was really glad to hear them sing it live tonight. And err…Yoochun was really good looking and charming at the press conference because he smiled the most. He looked really cute in his glasses. ^^

The press conference clips will be uploaded as soon as possible together with the photos.

I think I’m going to bed now and hopefully, I will not wake up tomorrow with too many tomatoes and eggs being thrown at me.

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