K Pop concert chaos

I have been left speechless not just once but numerous times the last few days. I had expected big crowd and chaos but it seemed there was anarchy @ HMV Sommerset on Friday. Not for the first time, as I looked at the updates on the computer, did I say to myself…I am so, so glad I was not there because this ajuma would never have survived.

There have been lots of complaints about Proof Label and HMV. Some were probably valid but some were not.

Setting the date of the concert, the ticket prices, the duration of the concert… all these are a little beyond the control of the organiser, Proof Label. The date has to accomodate the artistes who have been invited and I’m sure they invited more than 6 bands. It is a matter of who can make it and is interested enough to come. The duration of the concert, ie, the number of songs the artistes perform, is likely to be determind by the artistes’ agency..which is linked to how much they are being paid. Which comes to the next question- the ticket prices. If you can do some calculations- SNSD alone has 9 members, not including the managers and staff. All 9 members and their managers will be taking either business class or first class on the plane. Business class ticket costs a couple of thousands. Add to that, the accomodation (which will likely be a suite or two in a top class hotel), the food, the security.

SNSD (9 mebers), Big Bang (5 members), SHInee (5 members), Infinite (7 members), FT Island (5 members), D-NA (5 mem,bers)

You can roughly do the estimation how much it would cost and as the organiser is in it to make money…

However, the decision to sell the ticket alone at HMV Sommerset does leave me puzzled. No doubt, whichever way the ticket is sold would have resulted in chaos anyway…even if the tickets were sold via sistic. It is very likely that sistic’s server would have crashed like it did for CNBlue’s showcase at Gatecrash. However, it would have been a little more controllable than having a few thousand fans on the street at the same time.

And once you have an uncontrollable situation like Friday’s, then Proof Label and HMV would have had no choice but to react and strive to put it under control by changing the rules constantly. Whether it was handled well on the ground when they made the changes, I can’t comment as I wasn’t there.

So where is the current situation now?

Well, the following infor is from HMV’s FB:

CAT 1 Standing Pit : SOLD OUT
CAT 1 Seated: 67 left
CAT 2 Seated: 990 left

Sale for tickets 5 September (Sunday) as follow:

Q number 1501 to 2000 – 10 AM to 1 PM
Q number 2001 to 2500 – 1 PM to 3 PM

I wonder how early the fans will be there today. Hmm….

The saddest part of all is the amount of black market transactions and offers being done blatantly on Proof Label and HMV’s FB. This includes auctioning off tickets, selling tickets at almost twice the price and even selling queue numbers! As much as I do find all these behaviour totally wrong and unbecoming, it is unfortunately a case of, if there are willing desperate buyers, then there will be willing sellers. So those of you who are posting openly about being willing to pay more for the tickets, do consider twice as it would only encourage them even more. But I know for some fans, the desire to see their favourite band perform once in a life time would make them more than willing to fork out that extra cash.

Anyway, the details for Cat 3 and Cat 4 tickets will be out tomorrow. Let’s hope there will be a little more order to it.

I’m just wondering, would this create a similar World Cup scenario in the K Pop world in Singapore in the future? Fifa wanted to charge an arm and a leg because SingTel paid an obnoxious amount to wrestle EPL from Starhub. Will future acts like SMTown concert (if they should come) also cost K Pop lovers a toe and a finger just because they see the demand and the fans ability to pay? Already, our concert ticket prices here are more expensive than say, Thailand or Malaysia.


Going to log off now. For those who are buying the tickets later today, good luck.

In the meantime, here’s the latest MV from a very talented singer- Eru

White Tears is gaining popularity on the charts now and is in Eru’s latest album, Got to Be. The mv stars Nana of After School. The mv is not very orginal (she gets knocked down). It is per Korean style BUT I do like the song. To watch on youtube, click here

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